What's Your Most Disappointing Game?

Whiskey Priest

Oct 6, 2001
Just Curious. I've been thinking about some of the money I have wasted on games I will never play again. My most disappointing game had to be Star Wars: Rebellion. It had such potential to be brilliant. A Strategy game where you get to play in the star wars universe! How did the mess it up sooooo much? I played it for about three days then lent it to a friend. And unless I need a coaster I don't think I'll ask for it back. Not only that but I payed almost $70 cdn for it!! Anyway feel free to rant.
It has to be WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It for the PS2. I thought that it would be a brilliand game like SD!2 but it sucks. The story mode is far too short. The matches have improved slightly. The tables are rubbish. An what is up with he fact that you can to a Shooting Star Press of the top of a hell in a Cell and get up a straight away
Oh, that's an easy question. Any game for PS2 or XBox! Both systems suck!
lol. yeah, games for octopussy, oops sorry I meant games for consoles all suck :D I liked Speed ball 2 though.
Anyway, yeah Rebellion and SWFC kinda suck. But maybe I was used with having excellent LucasArts games (Xwing, Tie Fighter, ...) so I was too demanding?
Also a very disappointing game I've heard about: Daikatana. I never played it, since it's a shooter, but I've heard it had 4 years late in the release date but was just a piece of sh**.
Oh, I forgot: C&C 2 was disappointing too.
Civ 3.

I had high expectations, and the combat still bothers me.


In fact, so much that I don't play it anymore. It's not the tanks and spearmen, but its the horsemen defending against knights and winning (more than they should), or the calvary killing mechanized infantry like no tommorrow.

Age of Empires 2 is a close second, but only after I played it online and discovered flushing. That ruined an otherwise good game for me.

While a great game in most other areas, I am waiting on Multiplayer for Civ 3, then perhaps I will pick it back up.
rturn to castle wolfenstein. Although i havent bought it, it still SUCKS! Many'a'bugs and anoying in the long run
Originally posted by MajorGeneral2
Oh, that's an easy question. Any game for PS2 or XBox! Both systems suck!

So you haven't played Grand Theft Auto 3 then. It is a brilliant game for the PS2
Pool of Radiance 2

Apart from the graphic everything about this game simply sux :(
So I'm waiting for Neverwinter Nights.....
So you haven't played Grand Theft Auto 3 for PS2 yet. It is a brilliant game for PS2.

Well, I was exaggerating. I'm a HUGE Nintendo loyalist, and HATE most other systems, because I find them inferior. But, I'll admit that Sony has released some good games, but they can't match Nintendo overall. So, let me rephrase my last comment: Most games for PS2 and XBox suck.
I have to agree with DaEezT, PoR 2 is sucky and on the top of my list of disappointments.
Civ3 almost makes it but I still love it.....love-hate relationship I guess. :)
Originally posted by Hamlet
Black and White has to be up there somewhere. Possibly the most over-hyped game ever.

Just wait till Republic comes out (in 3 or 4 years ;))
I bet it'll be at least as bad as B&W, maybe even as bad as Messiah...
Originally posted by Hamlet
Black and White has to be up there somewhere. Possibly the most over-hyped game ever.

A friend lent it to me and I am glad I never brought it. I played it for about 2 hours and never could be bothered to play it again since it was just an average game...
Tomb Raider Chronicles - how the same company could be responsible for that and the original, still superb TR I will never know.
A game I found disappointing was Midtown Madness 2 since it seemed that it was actually less fun than the original game. London was terrible if you just wanted to drive round and would have been better if they had included the M25.
Black and White...I turned out to be a God uncaring about the training of monsters...
Well I really enjoy Tony Hawk Pro Skateboarding 3 on my ordinary PS, but I have to say that I'm still disappointed with it. It's not as good as it should be. The PS2 version is clearly miles better and yes, you can claim that this is because it is a superior machine, but the one I've got seems as though it was just rushed out for Christmas with a pale imitation of the PS2 version. They had built it up to be something really special, but it is practically the same game as THPS2 but with different levels. It is also less challenging than THPS2, but that's a good thing because the first game was more of a skating sim, the second one was more of a puzzle game and the third has combined these two aspects into a great game. As I said, I love the game but it isn't what it could have been :(.
another vote for Civ3.

Someone dropped the ball here.Maybe I expected too much?
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