Where are the submissions?


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Oct 28, 2000
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So far I have received just 6 submissions. :cry:

I really think I won't reward medals if there are less than 12 submissions! You can hardly call it a prestation to be the highest then. Unless you feel that the luck of so few submissions should be rewarded.
I hope you received my submission! ;)

But no medals would be unfair to those who have worked so hard! :(
I invested a lot of time in this GOTM again!
Sorry, nothing from me this month. I had to stop playing my game about two weeks ago. :(

I'm hoping for a smaller map next month, so I can try and have a chance to finish it (or more time to play the game ;)).

The submissions aren't due for another week though, right? Maybe there are people still playing it who need the weekend to work on it some more.

I expected that with how many times the game was downloaded, there would be more than 6 by now.....

Did your e-mail settings for Civ Fanatics get chnaged like mine did?
I sent mine..I hope we haven't lost a bunch due the e-mail tech problems :eek:
Ah, well, there might be a problem with submitting: because I can't read my email of matrix@civfanatics.net submissions need to be sent to m.c.lensink@home.nl, so TF changed the link to the submission page. But of course some people have me in their address book, so they don't use the link.

I thought that TF would make a news message too, but I haven't checked that. And now apparently he didn't. :crazyeyes So please check your sent messages and look if it's sent to civfanatics.net or home.nl.

Yeah, make a list of all submissions you received!

I´ve sent mine to both addresses now.
I always use the link on the GOTM pages, so whenever that one´s right, you´ll get mine!
I'm still in early 19th and I have no outlook of fast end. :(
March 5th is tough deadline for me, as I'm short of time..

I'll try but I can promise nothing.
SEND THEM IN...good,bad,finshed or no.We need submissions!

I did my part by sending mine 3 times :D..sorry Matrix...don't ever install McAfee with Norton.They don't like each other very much...whilst they fight over which is in control,your comp behaves very poorly..especially OUTLOOK....
As documented in OT, I had serious power outage problems earlier this month, and several weekends out of town, so I am nowhere near finishing. Do you want partial games submitted, or only games actually completed? Which would help my global ranking the most, to not submit at all, or to submit an incomplete game with a pitiful score?
Doesn't the game need to be finished in one of the ways stated for the GOTM? We can't just retire from the game when we want (no spaceship landing and AI civs still alive) and submit it, right? Or else people would pump up their score without having to do any real fighting and then retire.....:confused:
LOL I have decided to do GOTM 5 just to please Matrix with a submission :love:

ROFL my mistake this is civ2 GOTM! I thought I was reading about civ3 and I was surprised!

6 submissions is an indication of the rise of Civ3 :cool:
oops..yes maybe unfinshed is not so good...

Watch the fall of Civ3.....falling fast ;)
Sorry Leowind, but only GOTM's need to be finished. So retirement can only occur at 2020 AD.

Anyway, I've got 11 submissions now. ;)
I'm only on 1940 and this'll go to the end. I can't kill them and they can't kill me.:crazyeyes
IIRC the Civ2 GOTM submission date is now the 5th of every month. :cool:
Because we get our new GOTM on the 3rd of each month the deadline was extended to the 5th.
BTW, where is our new GOTM? ;)
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