Which CD?


Sep 16, 2007
Hello there. I am a longtime fan of Civ and have Civ4 up through Beyond The Sword. I guess I am doomed to have to have a cd with me. However, do I have to have all three? As I recall, in Civ2, when you put the add ons in you only needed to carry the latest cd, ie the latest add on you installed. However, it seems that with Civiv, if you want to play scenarios from the original game, you need to put in that cd, if you want to play scenarios from warlords...you get the idea. Am I wrong here? Is it possible to access everything from just one of the cds (that I can safely keep in the cdrom drive)? Is there a way around this? It can't be that they expect you to carry them all around with you always...can it?


you only need the latest cd in the drive. so that'd be the BTS cd. (if you wanted to play BTS).

If you wanted to play Civ4 vanilla, you'd probably need the original Civ4 disk in the drive. Same goes for Warlords.
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