Windows XP and Crash


Nov 7, 2001
I just moved Civ III onto a machine running Windows XP. The first time I tried to play a game, everything was going along just fine until the game crashed. I reloaded from an earlier autosave and it ran fine for about 500 years, and then it crashed again. Autosave didn't help me after that crash. I had to quit that game.

I downloaded the most recent patch, and started a new game. Again, same problem.

Is Civ III unplayable with Windows XP? I seem to remember a problem when the game first came out, but I thought that had been solved.
Don't know if I zipped this right.

You might have to play a turn or two in order to see a crash.
I've been playing on XP since day one and I only ever had crashes when the first version of 1.16 patch came out. I'm on 1.17 and its running fine.

I'll try your save when I get a chance.


No luck - your file lived up to its name and crashed at end of first turn. I even changed your preferences to what I normally have mine set to (basically all animations off plus a few others off) but it didn't make any difference.

I would guess that it will crash on anyone's machine, so obviously something in the save file causing the problem. did you mean that this was a saved game from before you applied 1.17? I've seen more problems caused by older saved games here than anything. Try a new game with 1.17 and see how that goes. I'd recommend turning off the animations and most of the pop-ups first and only turn them back on (if you need them) one or two at a time, in case your problems are associated with one or other of them. I've seen references to the 'pop-up on city disorder' so maybe that one especially causes a problem.

Hope you get it sorted out.
Always been playing on XP. Never had any crashes so far. Except for the ALT-TAB task switching which doesn't work on XP, no problems at all.

Thanks for your replies.

To answer your question, the zipped file was from a game played on the most recent patch. It's not the saved file itself that's causing the problem-- I believe I played that game straight through until the crash.

I'll start anew and give Civ one more shot...
I've also been playing with XP since day one and have never had a crash. I'm playing 1.17f with lots of mods and four added units.

If your new game doesn't work out, you might want to try reinstalling Civ III from scratch. If that doesn't fix it, there must be a peculiarity to your configuration. Best of luck!
Originally posted by loki
Always been playing on XP. Never had any crashes so far. Except for the ALT-TAB task switching which doesn't work on XP, no problems at all.

I've mostly been playing on XP...I occasionally get looping sound, but turning off the music solves that, and that's the fault of my crappy sound card, not the game. I also can alt-tab quite easily out of Civ3 under XP, and do it all the keep logs in notepad, surf these forums, whatever.
Yes, I've been playing on Windows XP with no problem, but I have the same issue with the ALT+TAB function. It only worked the first time, then never again.
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