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Wishlist for Civ VII


Jul 16, 2016
There has been some noise about a possible new installment to the Civilization franchise. Therefore maybe a wishlist. Let's see what ideas or hopes we can come up with. Here is some of my own thoughts about what a possible Civ VII should feature.

Graphics and Animations. I think I speak for a few who would like a return to the more realistic graphic styles of Civ-V. And a combination of animations from both Civ III and V.

Naval and Shipping activity: In my opinion Civ III was the most realistic of the franchise in this regard. From the movement of the ships to even the sounds of the guns. Transports were a very effective unit. let's bring those back.

Historic Accuracy. Throughout the Franchise players usually started at 4000 BCE. Historically the Human Species had reached all Continents by 10,000 BCE. So I think a starting age at 10,000 BCE would be ideal. And maybe that way we won't still be using Warrior units in the 21st Century.

These are just a few things I would suggest for the next installment. I think with the tech. we have today in 2021, Civilization VII should be the most graphically, and historically accurate of the Franchise.
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