XML error when trying to run Civ IV Colonization PatchMod 1.06


Feb 21, 2022
Hey guys I'm trying to play Civ IV Colonization with the PatchMod (Bug fixes + More) 1.06.
Why are you even installing that completely outdated patch that was just useful a few weeks after first release but is now obsolete ? :confused:
(Yes it had some fixes from community. But they were later added to offical patches of Firaxis / Sid Meier anyways ... and more.)

After the game was officially patched with 1.1f it had become absolutely pointless ... (which is included in DVD, Steam and GOG versions).
Using the outpdated inofficial patch that predates the last official version that includes more recent patches may even break stuff ...

Nobody in this community would ever tell you to use it. (As it is from 2008 and really outdated.)
If you are looking for a mod ... there are some good mods from community around. :thumbsup:
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