XML mod to: Build a Bridge or Canal or Tunnel up to 3 tiles (water or land) in length


Jul 28, 2004
I like Civ IV BTS, so all I'm interested in is a mod for BTS. I not looking for comments on the utility or reasons for this mod either. I would think is should be possible to use railroad improvement as the basis for the mods since railroads cross rivers due to the constructions of bridges. I know this would be a late in the game mod, but if you are playing with all the victory conditions turned off, the time doesn't matter.
-- I would think it should be possible to assign a construction cost dependent upon terrain and current technology level of the constructing civilization (any time after 1870 when the Suez Canal was opened should be possible, and after the development of fission small nuclear devices should be possible to use, with a minimum of fallout).
-- The bridge/tunnel/canal should either be in the civilization's territory, or construction in an unclaimed area should make the bridge/tunnel/canal and 1 tile to either side part of the Civilization (with a military unit stationed in one of the tiles to either side), or a more complex scenario of using diplomatic relations to get a canal built in another civilization's territory and rights to use for a defined timeframe (say 50-99 years) this would probably require Open Borders.
-- The bridge/tunnel/canal should add to the treasury of the "owning" nation by reducing movement costs units and commerce passing through it (5-20 percent)
-- The canal should be able to accommodate all ships (like the Panama Canal and Suez Canal), and movement should be 1/4 to 1/2 of normal movement.
-- The bridge/tunnel/canal should be able to be degraded by conventional bombing (2-3 turns), sabotage/terrorist (5 turns) or nuclear (100 turns).
-- Maintenance cost should be twice the cost of railroads.
-- Occupation of a tile at either end of a bridge/tunnel/canal by a an unfriendly civilization should impose an additional movement cost of 1-2 movements, and occupation by a hostile civilization should close the bridge/tunnel/canal as long as the hostile civilization occupies one of the tiles. After the hostile civilization is forced out of the tile/tiles the bridge/tunnel/canal should remain unusable for 10 turns.

I know this is a lot and I would be interested in working on it, but being new to moding I'm unsure which XML files I would need to use and where they are located.
You cannot do it with xml work only. Python and dll work are required = serious programming skills.

In my mod I have Tunnels that can be built in the late game and land units can cross over water tiles.
I have Ferries too. Works the same as tunnels, just more limited: You can build it only on water tiles with certain terrain features (Islets).
And there's also the possibility to sacrifice a Great Engineer to turn land tiles into water tiles with islets, thus allowing Ferries on them and enabling land/water movement.
Thanks Nexus. I was hoping it would be simple XML, but I like a challenge. I use to write code many, many years ago, so if I wish to pursue this can you point me in the direction of what XML, Python and dll work would be required.
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