Your first BNW win?

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  1. ButSam

    ButSam King

    Dec 27, 2001
    The Shoshone, Cultural Victory on Warlord in 1981. That said, I was 1 vote short of Diplomatic the previous time the vote came up...wasn't really paying attention though, or I could have paid gold to gain another city-state ally. Cultural victory would have been a lot faster if I didn't stumble across using tourism the hard way a few times...but that is why I dropped down to Warlord -- to really learn the cultural mechanic in a very forgiving setting. Now it is up to Prince to hone my fighting skills (my weakest area overall in civ), then probably up to my usual King level. :)
  2. teqofc

    teqofc Warlord

    Jul 13, 2013
    First was today where I just made a post about it

    Morocco on King, standard earth and time. Diplomatic victory at turn 451. Going to try emp then immortal next.

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  3. Thuellai

    Thuellai Warlord

    Sep 29, 2008
    The more I look at Assyria, the more I think '...Man, how awesome would they be in a 2v2 alongside Attilla?'

    The synergy there would just be amazing - I can't imagine a city standing very long against a mix of Battering Rams and Siege Towers, and the Assyrian tech bonus would help make up for Attilla's late-game weakness.
  4. hug4

    hug4 Chieftain

    Jul 19, 2012
    What he said. "What if I get this start instead, lets try a new roll"

  5. HeraldtheGreat

    HeraldtheGreat King

    May 20, 2012
    Toronto, Canada
    Culture VC as Sweden, King on turn 325. Incidentally, I also went for Order. :crazyeye:
  6. JohnYoga

    JohnYoga Prince

    Jan 23, 2006
    San Diego
    What age did you set earth at? It looks like Earth 5 million years ago, vs the youngest settings?

  7. les berceaux

    les berceaux Chieftain

    Mar 2, 2013
    I'm on my second game, as Portugal. I went for the Pyramids so that I could spam Feitoras everywhere. Archipelago map allowed me to host the first World Congress. Not sure if I'll go for diplomatic or science. But this will be my first victory
  8. Zednaught

    Zednaught Chieftain

    Mar 8, 2011
    Portugal, Immortal Continents on 325. Diplomacy, technically, but I was able to get a cultural win two turns later. I chose to mess around with policies, so I never went more than 1 policy into rationalism or aesthetics, either of which would have sped up the game considerably.
  9. Gucumatz

    Gucumatz JS, secretly Rod Serling

    Dec 11, 2011
    My first was as the Celts in Multiplayer winning a Diplomatic Victory. My primary opponent had 7 spare great scientists and could have easily bulbed up to get the techs needed for all spaceship parts, but my warfront against him distracted him from using them all in case he needed to rush stealth bombers or something. I ended up winning a diplomatic win and having the remaining human allies I protected throughout the NQ game vote for me in diplomatic.

    It was a fun game for sure :p.
  10. Pyke

    Pyke Chieftain

    Jul 10, 2013
    Two wins now, first as Poland (Diplo - King) and then as Portugal (Diplo - Emperor). Both were basically 1cc... The AI dow'ed on me plenty but, it's super easy to fend them off as the AI sucks at micro'ing its invasion forces. The tenet of Freedom which gives 6 foreign legions is nice too, when you immediately upgrade them to infantry.

    I find Diplomatic Victory to be too easy now, and Cultural Victory to be way too hard.
  11. OmniPotent42

    OmniPotent42 King

    Jun 25, 2012
    I went for order to win a culture victory, too. Some of the tenets are actually pretty good for boosting tourism.

    Culture victory, Pocatello, Standard Speed, Emporer, Standard Size.

    I had a great starting location, and with the pathfinders I was able to hunt down encampments for CS's which allowed me to expand twice from all the excess happiness. Dido declared war on me early, but I was able to hold off their attack pretty easily and got white peace, but then built up a small force for a counter attack and wiped her off the map. This pissed off Gandhi, who DoWed me but I got Korea to help with the war effort and wiped them off, too.
  12. mistermoo33

    mistermoo33 Chieftain

    Jan 15, 2013
    Score victory with Denmark, standard speed / standard size / king.

    - Super sea resource set-up from God of the Sea, Lighthouses, Harbors, Seaports and the Exploration tree
    - "Chairman Shaka" forced by his people to give up order in favor of freedom
    - Ensuring Pachacuti didn't get elected world leader with Gunboat Diplomacy
    - Using a strong navy + Denmark UA to capture coastal cities of closest point competitors
    - Reviving Alexander only for him to die again
    - Pachacuti offering Uranium in a peace settlement. Said Uranium would later be used to nuke a Celtic city to reduce the Celts' points
    - Taking one of Pachacuti's major cities, holding it for centuries, and then razing it before he could reclaim it in the late game
  13. Thuellai

    Thuellai Warlord

    Sep 29, 2008
    This sounds like my current Indonesia game

    The extra gold from those luxes really comes in handy, and I'm currently using Bombers (not GW Bombers, actual Bombers) and paratroopers to sack Rome (they're up to Frigates and Gatling Guns).

    For everyone who was claiming Indonesia was the weakest civ in BNW, I have to say, this is the easiest game I've ever had on this difficulty.

    I had an opposite ideology flip, forcing Rome and Korea to give up Autocracy and Freedom in favor of Order.
  14. InDubioProReo

    InDubioProReo Warlord

    Feb 27, 2012
    Portugal on Immortal, Archipelago, Standard speed. I really liked their UA as it gave me a huge gold advantage in the early game. Coupled with their Caravel replacement Nau, I ended up having so much gold, which allowed me to sign lots of RAs, and ally with city states. I eventually conquered 3 other Civs and ended the game with a diplomatic victory.
  15. kingofsealand

    kingofsealand Warlord

    Jul 14, 2013
    My first game was won as poland on prince difficulty at epic pace. On the one hand the free policies with age ability allowed me to settle all over the place without regard for the cost of policies. On the other hand, science costs now seem more closely tied to expansion so I found my research slowed down by the 1800s to the point that I was just reaching gatling guns/riflemen and the like around 1900(and i was still at least 3 techs ahead of all other civs!). I also would say I proposed the world games too early. I completed the most and got my amazing tourism bonus for 20 turns. But at that point my tourism score was still too small to surpass the three best players in that amount of time. It likely would not have mattered if i waited for a higher base tourism because the ottomans had so much culture in their capital from wonders that winning with them in possession of it was impossible. However, had i dealt with them through force earlier that 100% tourism would have nearly kicked me over the line for victory surprisingly ahead of schedule. This actually adds an interesting aspect to the culture victory where the most expedient way to deal with 'roadblock' nations to your tourism is to destroy them! Previously if going for a culture victory, aside from the odd upstart you might need to prevent from winning some other way you would have little reason to engage others while completing your utopia project. As it was i still was not able to surpass ethiopia in culture until freaking 2055. And even more amazing, i was still nowhere close to done with the tech tree! I had just finished the internet which is basically a game ending tech for culture victory yet had only got as far as satellites in the spaceship department. I took away a number of lessons from this game. The most obvious being that for players who love to sprawl, poland rocks with its free policies and you are penalized less for sprawling in general since blocking another players tourism victory depends on your overall culture points not the number of policies you earned. Additionally, science victory rather than cultural victory is now the little guys "trojan horse" win that you might not see coming. The research costs are so much lower that an empire with 15 cities might not have great war infantry while a 4-5 city civ is near completing their tree. Lastly, SOME civ's diplomatic and decision making abilities have been significantly cranked up. I say SOME because montezuma was still good ol monty, knocking at my door with swords before anyone else despite the fact we had two profitable trade routes. Suleiman and I were steadfast allies for the early game, however once he had access to trade with other civs across the sea I become a piece of chopped liver to him and the relationship we had enjoyed quickly collapsed. The shoshone on the other hand, were neutral towards me until ideologies came along. They tried to adopt order and within 20 I had forced them to freedom. From that point forward the Shoshone and I were best pals to the point that I could propse something that would anger them, or steal their hidden antiquity sites, and still be best of friends with them. All in all Poland is an amazing civ, the Winged hussars are incredible with nearly limitless strategic options. In fact, with its bonuses you can really go any way but science with poland and conquest becomes particularly attractive if you can get a war machine up and running around the time your hussar comes along. I am beyond happy with the new expansion and the game I won with poland was undoubtedly the most satisfying single player game of Civ 5 i have ever played.
  16. Jewman

    Jewman Prince

    Dec 3, 2006
    maryland land of crabs
    Cultural Victory as Poland. Despite being stuck with only two other cities, a nervous Alexander right above me I managed to snag the crucial culture wonders. I was really struggling with production all game so when I got the free foreign legions it was a massive game changer and I finally wiped Alexander off the map as the rest of the world converted to freedom and I dominated. Gotta say, it was a lot of hard work early on but it was extremely satisfying coming up from the middle of the pack to a solid culture win.

    Also ducal stables not so bad, winged hussars new favorite unit
  17. Zilkin

    Zilkin Chieftain

    Jan 19, 2008
    Dark Horse diplo win on Shoshone. Was going for science, but then diplo win kinda just dropped in my lap. ;)
  18. Bordz

    Bordz Chieftain

    Jul 9, 2007
    Science as Egypt on King. Multiplayer with one of my mates. Decided before the game I would just try to wonder whore the game. Got the Great Library but that was about it. Every single other Wonder that I went for was snagged up in the early and mid game.

    I had one city on a good desert spot that I was building Petra in. Boudica snagged it in the city next door which made me go into war mode. 20 turns later I had captured where she built the Petra, her capita and she had gifted me a third city. In 20 turns I had doubled the size of my civ.

    Spain had laid claim to some land early game that I really wanted so using this momentum from the previous war combined with a bit of dodgy diplomacy (Paid her to go to war with Boudica), I took the city she founded on the land I wanted and destroyed her army. She then gifted me Barcelona which had a lot of jungle tiles.

    This is where it gets interesting. My mate was busy conquering on his continent whilst I was thinking what do I do now? At this point I had started to industrialize and chose the order tenant. One of the bonuses you can chose reduces the cost of buying buildings in cities by some stupid amount. Combined with the Big Ben I could literally buy every building I needed.

    I unpuppeted the Spanish cities after I had set trade posts up in the majority of their jungle brought every building they could build (besides the crap ones like the barracks). Things progress pretty normally, my mate is busy conquering his land unaware of his increasing tech cost.

    I get to the end of the tech tree and he decides to use the world congress to build the international space station (to be a dick, he knew I would want it). I came second putting all my production towards it but I didn't care. He literally gave me the last great scientist I needed to bulb my way to the last tech I needed. I then used a great engineer to buy the last component and win the game.

    I think he thought he would win easy considering his score was like 600 points higher then mine. He was not a happy boy. I think I won in about the year 2001, he still hadn't completed the Manhattan project.
  19. EnterDOT

    EnterDOT Chieftain

    Jun 20, 2013
    Riga, Latvia
    Denmark diplo on king
  20. IkM

    IkM King

    Mar 30, 2013
    Haven't finished yet. playing as Morocco and I got desert foklore, I'm waiting for Kasbahs. preparing caravans for trade now. Arabia is so close to me, my potential trade partner. Let's see what will happen...

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