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YouTube problem.

Valka D'Ur

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Mar 3, 2005
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Up until last night I had no problem with YouTube. But suddenly I'm getting messages that playback won't work on "this device."

I've been using "this device" (my laptop) for several years. I've been using an ad-blocker for YT, but turned it off a little while ago to see if that was the problem.

It's had no effect.

Does anyone have suggestions? This is aggravating.

(I can still watch video on FB and my news site, and Amazon still works)
The situation seems to have sorted itself out after my browser crashed. I have no idea if deactivating my YT adblocker helped. I'll try your suggestions. Thank you.
Hope you put that adblock back on; YouTube is egregious with ads.
I haven't yet, as I can't rule that out as the cause of the problem. I've only had one annoying incident so far. I've kept my main adblockers on (would never disable those).
My notifications haven't worked for years, either (when you subscribe to a channel).
Both. I had been subscribed to Wuauquikuna (music channel) to get notified when their weekend livestream shows were starting, since they're in whatever time zone Poland is in. The notifications worked for maybe a couple of weeks, then hasn't worked since for any of my channel subscriptions. So I'm always missing when new content is uploaded and have to go searching to see if there is any.
Email notifications don't work anymore on channel uploads, unless it is for a specific event that you click on the "Notify Me" button. The notification bell should work though if you have "Subscribed All" selected. Another option that I started doing last year when YT stopped email notifications is to set up an RSS feed reader account. I use Blogtrottr. You put in the YT channel url feed and then subscribe on that site. It will then send you emails every time the channel updates.
Thanks, I'll try that. I can't think why they stopped emailing people, though. It was so easy to get an email, realize that the concert was starting, and just hop over to it. Of course I know this group has been doing Saturday and Sunday livestreams for several years, but never at the exact same time.
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