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  • [20:22] <Ajidica> true, but I would rather be doing that than filling out my taxes

    I'd rather do nothing
    Hey, it just occurred to me that what I said could have been interpreted as me being legit mad at you or insulting you. If you did, I'm sorry, that was not my intention. We enjoyed having you on #fiftychat, and I hope you come around again some time.
    I wasn't mad, I went to bed! Definitely planning on coming round again.
    Hey mang, why you no come on #fiftychat?

    Also, you are KILLING IT in the Trump Vineyard thread. :golf clap:
    Thanks. As far as #fiftychat goes, I don't actually know how to log on to it/don't have password.
    Hey, Aji, where can I find that on the minstranslation of Ahmadinejad's message? It would come in useful for uni.
    Freebie tip for learning/practising Spanish: whoever is doing the 'IPA for Spanish' in Wikipedia is high on something, it needs a serious rewriting (e.g. I've seen [ð] written instead of [t]). Ask me in any cases.
    Thank you! I wasn't given a spot on any of our traveling teams, but I should be given a spot on a scrimmage team (although rosters for those haven't been announced yet, because some people need to get their stuff together because I just want to know). I have a lot of really glaring weaknesses, but when I'm on, I'm on. One of the coaches said she's never seen anyone go from great to weak so fast. And apparently I have an authoritative voice, so that's nice to know. There is a lot of upward mobility in the program, and a lot of current captains (even on our A and B teams) started out on alternate/skirmish teams themselves. I think I'm gonna be all right.
    I finished my last in class trial and I totally screwed up my opening and direct but my cross was good but I screwed up the format for impeachment and objection responses but I think it was good over all and they announce rosters in a few hours and I have no idea what to expect and I'm afraid. Hold me.
    So apparently my school has one of the greatest mock trial teams in the nation. Like, as small as we are, we often beat Ivy League schools. I'm thinking about trying out.
    I think that "Internet Asperger's" is better known as making a somewhat loquacious ass of yourself with no real conception of why. :)
    Is it common to simply not accord titles to people in the US? I might not like David Cameron, but I'll usually refer to him as the Prime Minister when talking about him.
    Lincoln didn't advocate national supremacy? Really? How else do you explain his brutal war against the Confederate States?

    I was being hyperbolic with the use of the word "Fascist" although I believe Lincoln is like the greatest myth of "orthodox" US history.

    Let me guess, you admire Wilson and FDR as well.
    Have you ever considered setting transparency for your Fortuna wheel? It's starting to nark me, considering how easy it should be. :)
    No offense intended by the fact that I wouldn't vote for you. You're likeable enough on these forums, I just wouldn't agree with much of your ideology.
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