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  • But you'd have to admit, that'd be a nice feature, even if you can only do it on multiplayer, but with the different classes, yeah, it'd be hard. Anyways, looking at the Wiki, we'll be waiting till at least 2011. At least we can play Civ5 to kill some time till then.:)
    Well, that sucks. All the wasted work.:(
    Maybe when Diablo 3 comes out I can keep the same profile, if that's in this year, or two from now, knowing Blizzard and their delays.
    Oh, a hammerdin is a paladin who uses blessed hammer; hence the name, and has an attack that can go up, and over 20,000 damage in one shot.

    You can keep the same profile from single player to multiplayer? Unless its because you play locally with friends, then I'm clearly missing something.
    You're not a hammerdin I hope? They're just mean, which is kinda why I never got into multiplayer(20,000 damage in one shot:(). I just went through the campaign many times as my Necromancer. Skeletons, skeletons, and more skeletons!:D
    Can you guys search through infractions in any way? I'm wondering if i've forgotten any of my DL's but can't seach my own infractions by crime...:?
    It can't be helped. Immaturity combined with someone who loves to be offencive..

    Its not your moderation that caused it. Your reaction will help control it in the future.
    I looked it up, it''s not really Chinese. Just some chant from the show.
    Birdjag, re: music, I'm not so sure such a thing is as apt to happen to me. Being a math/sci geek isn't what makes me nonmusical. Being nonmusical is what makes me nonmusical.

    I did try a few musical things (Piano, high school Jazz band) in my life. Never found them that appealing.
    life is treating me very well indeed, two great kids, fun job, nice house, cool friends - just no time for CIV and CFC ;)
    Hey Bird, I'll need my second birthday thread for Darth removed. Thanks.:)
    Edit: Merging them works to.:goodjob:
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