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  • PUNDAF and your party share the same traits.

    We have the material to be part of a coalition. What you think potential partner?
    I will get into more detail hopefully in a bit, but your job is to scout the Arizona, we are going to be building a buffer before the Wall on the Colorado.
    Sorry about the long response time on this. The Pulias People's Party is currently not interested in forming a coalition with the Movement of Democratic Socialists. I do however wish you the best in your work, and I'm sure this isn't the last we hear from each other as you, like us, seem set on building a Pulias for the people, by the people.
    Thank you for contacting me. I can however not give you an answer at the moment as this has not been discussed with the members of the Pulias People's Party. I will give you an answer when I have done so.

    Sincerely yours,
    Aurora Gurra
    Oh, you get support if you're not a left-leaning party; pretty much the reason that various socialist parties have been governing Pulias for the last 30 years is because the majority of players are associated with socialist parties. So it didn't matter who won, socialists would still be in power. That's the main reason I've ditched "dominant issues" in favor of "lobbying groups", to try to encourage more political variation and more turnover (and yes, people are starting to get a bit fed up with the same party holding power over and over again...)
    Now, should she change her views on said issues, that could negatively affected opinions of her, and your accusations might get some more traction, but for now they're mostly viewed as being rants and are actually starting to work against the Dawn Coalition.

    Also, as an OOC note: I ended up appointing megamihime to the Senate because a majority of the other players suggested it instead of holding more elections; it was most assuredly not an OOC snub to you (I didn't care who got the seat so long as it was a player and not an NPC). However, I would figure that it very well may have been an IC snub to the fascists.
    As it stands right now:

    Pulians are somewhat, but not especially, upset about having the seat filled by appointment - most would've liked to see elections but because you were the only eligible candidate they don't mine not having someone they hate represent them :p. Bascially, the fascists strongly dislike Megame now, and she's not extremely popular with the people of the capital (or Haven of Peace, because they feel like she deserted them). At the same time, however, the POPs who hate you (the pacifists and some neutrals) are all in favor of her just because she's not a fascist.
    Overall, few people think the seat was 'stolen' (except the loyal fascist supporters and some of the people who support the PIP), in part because Megame's political line didn't vary too much from that taken by the rest of the government and in part because she hasn't seemed to flip-flop (yet) on those issues she did disagree with the other senators on.
    As a a follow up to our previous wall conversation, the Herald's editor has taken an editorial stand that I don't think will go down too well . . . :/
    Public opinion is fairly bad right now because of the reputation of the Fascists; however, the less combative stance Mr. von Bismarck seems to be taking may help remedy that. And the questions are no worry; I'm the GM, so it's my job to answer questions from players!
    The journalist murder has made the pacifists utterly despise you (you're hated as much as is possible by them), hasn't changed your standing with the fascists, and has slightly upset the other people. These other POPs will change their opinion if definitive 'proof' that you either did or didn't have a role in the murder comes to light (I don't know what if anything you and Melda have planned.)
    They'd participate in a coalition with you if they still had any real support - for all intents and purposes, they don't exist any more because you've won their supporters over.
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