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  • Yeah. Imam talking about a game in the IOT subforum where you use CC to place stars, black holes, etc. It's called Space Seed.
    This ties into an earlier question- what is with the whole resource price thing? What is the point? What are these "units" of the resource? Basically, if you could explain that whole thing it would be great. Oh, and you can ignore my earlier questions, I resolved the problems associated with them.
    Sorry to bother you again... but what other Ideals were you thinking about adding more towards the end of the game. To be more precise, how did you determine what ideals you would add? How did you create the ideals?
    Question: Is there an action/movement such as train/encourage a child to become a politician? When you do so, does it increase their chances of going into the politician pool, and thus allowing you to control them?
    Just to clarify in regards to dividends, they are on the mining company and the recently established jeweler company. You seem to have erroneously attributed a dividend to the horse company.
    I just wanted to make sure that you remembered the two books I recently released, and that the public knows about them too. ;)
    I retroactively abrogate the movement plans of Jehangir and the letter I sent to the Sultan. He needs to fulfil the duties of Satrap now so its now impossible to do what I wanted.
    I got the š via copying the name from an internet source. There is some way to get the s (amongst others) via microsof word but it is exceedingly tedious and I don't really know how to do it.
    On another thing (Ill say it here since it does not merit a pm), since F_N has graciously given me dominion over the current settler I would like the city to the north once it is dounded to be named Kurušabad, "The place of Cyrus" in Persian (Cyrus is a hellenicisation of Kuruš) after Cyrus Artaparsi, first Satrap of the Satrapy of Artaparsa to which the city shall belong and by etymological association with all the other heroic Cyruses of Persian history.

    If you cant get the š for the city name, just go for Kurushabad :)
    indeed I have.

    Unfortunately thanks to the rise and fall of many "secret" societies in GaP I have developed a compulsive habit of checking the social groups lists to keep tabs on things. Not to mention there the occasional find that someone forgot to make their group invite only pops up every once in a while as a bonus :lol:

    May the best Empire win (clearly Japan :p )
    edited my message to make it clearer, just in-case you saw the original (the new message has the examples of banking, a farm and a mine)
    Hello, i have thought again and saw that this was one of the best interactive civ 5 games. So may i join again?
    Your PM box is full, so I will put my Movement here.

    I would like to Investigate the recent riots.

    Recent Riots
    To find out if there were any instigators
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