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  • I believe so, though they may have gotten lost at the bottom of the reply. I said something along the lines of "stay in the bar, ask to see what the bartender keeps in the back room or whatever place he stores his stuff in, and then see if I can't get more out of him about the situation in the lower districts and any criminal connections he might have."
    I'd be very interested in helping out with that! I think it might be more fun playing multiple characters than playing one anyway ;).
    I know you are fully capable running the game yourself, but if there is anything I can do to help make this iteration of GAP even more successful don't hesitate to ask. Excited for the game! Good luck!
    I'd love as much insight into the behind the scenes as you could give! I've developed my own way of running things, but it's slightly clunky and doesn't have the benefit of a two games of development. :)

    I look forward to that date! Hopefully my game is still running by then; we'll see! It probably won't last into freshman year though. :(
    Hey, I was wondering if you might be able to tell me how you did the behind the scenes parts of GaP and GaP2. I have more free time this year, and I want to perhaps try my hand and running a GaP, though I can never hope to equal the job you did. Thank you!
    Oh, and on the bright side I finally got both expansions for CiV and most DLC civilizations, so I could help out if you need it.
    for Brave New Realpolitik, I suggest you either order the purchase of a warrior instead of the shrine, or continue to purchase the shrine as you have indicated on popular pressure. (the former gives us an extra military unit to repel the barbs, the latter would get us an earlier shrine and allow us to immediately begin training a warrior)
    I suggest that you choose Honor for our social policy and quickly, that way the rest of the session can be played out soon. If you have an idea that differs I am not one to command your majesty, however I just wish to ask that the choice be made quickly so that the game doesn't get put on hold for our decision or anything.
    If it pleases you, the number of supporters of Morocco and England (excluding myself) are the same, ergo you'd be being "unfair" to one side or another whatever decision you make in equal measure, save that the supporters of England have the supremacy by one individual, and thus the majority would have their choice declined should Morocco be maintained.
    I must inquire if you are willing to consider my vote changed to England. Afterall it should be clear that England was my preferable vote and it was merely a brief bout of melancholy that led me to vote for Morocco. If you want the majorities favourite option to be chosen, it is henceforth clear that England is that choice.
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