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  • Erm... just a heads up for DoC. Schisming provides no benefits for any nations, least of all the schism-er. As head of Islam, and a fellow player, I would be far more happy if you were to de-schism (even if it were to join a non-Islamic faith, honestly).
    No problem, just remember that you have 22 gold to spend since your new and in Africa. I would recomment 60 population into soldiers (6 to maintanence) and the rest into industry with five soldiers going to claim a single province, and the other one garrisoning your capital.

    Try and make your claims so that the place your expanding too is next to your capital though, since being next to your capital will give your soldiers a bonus.
    No problem. If your going to claim west african territory this is good. Just do everyone a favour and found Mahdist islam as a schism off mainstream islam. Islam needs division to balance things out a bit and to keep order in the game.

    As to any help. I will be happy to assist you in anything you may require guidance in. But the rules really are not that complex when you actually play, I can tell you that so you should pick it up soon enough. Just post a map of your original claims, and stats
    (religion, government and whatnot) and I will help with your orders (which you can post with your first expansion expeditions as well).
    OR: even better schism a religion off Islam, that would be the best thing in Africa although not in Europe, if you go eastern europe Orthodox Catholic is the best :p.
    converted to DoC yet civleader :p : Just for your info, best spot to settle is in west africa, maybe as the Ashanti or the Mali or something from around that region. You could ask to start a religion to Son as well I believe (Voodoo) but I would very much implore you to join the Othodox Catholic Faith in order to balance the muslims.

    Eastern Europes still good if you don't like west Africa, but its second priority imo when it comes to filling voids.
    Hey Civleader you may with to join Dawn of Colonisation (Imperium Offtopicum, all other games). It doesn't take much time and it could give you ideas for GaP II and besides getting some political experience can help in understanding your own games and making them even better ;).

    Oh if you join however, may I suggest you join as a nation somewhere in west africa, eastern Europe or either in Central China, Korea or in Xinjiang.
    New Virtual Nation

    Hey Civ! Just wanted to say that I would be honored if you could direct a bit of your Wise Attention to the above thread. ;)
    They affect you in 2 ways.

    1) Some, like Vulcans and Betazoids, have special abilities. Betazoids can read others thoughts, and Vulcans can do mind melds.

    2) The numbers of each species might also affect the numbers on which your crew can reproduce.

    But both of those have minimal effects. If you want, make an all one species ship or a half and half.
    Well. It doesn't really matter. Considering the fact that the only thing from the Trekverse would be the ship you commanded....

    It's Star Trek...

    The only reference to the BSGverse is that the fleet size will be roughly the same....
    You're welcomed. I figured I better ask the writer. :)

    How would you like me to cite you?
    Hey, would you mind if I used your Constitution creation template (with modifications) in my PoN?
    I would like help developing the game I mentioned in the Fued AAR group. Would you be willing to help develop the ruleset? I would like the counsel of an experienced GM.
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