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  • GG mate, though you probably should have beaten me both games, they were both down to the last hand.
    Thanks :) I'm glad to be back. You know I swear I've only been gone for a couple of months but already I recognise almost nobody in the player list. Who are all these people!
    I get my avatars and images from a Korean blogger that I happened to stumble across quite a long time ago.
    yar game's filled up. :) Now I can spam it up properly. What's better than starting on a Caturday?
    Nah it's not quite that bad. After some heavy lifting a little over a year a go, I got tendinitis in my hands. No biggie, it should pass over a few weeks. But it didn't! Although it wasn't very debilitating, just annoying. However, a few months ago the problem kind of moved to my fingers, and now it starts hurting if I type or do too much of anything that's a stress on my fingers. I.e. play guitar, play video games, forumage..
    Ghargh! So annoying. Heeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaall damn you!
    Sorry I killed you on night one, you know how it is. One day the roles will be reversed.
    IDK. I'm guessing the demogame, because I haven't been in the civ 3 forum for a while.
    I go to college, in the UK that's what we have between school and uni. I start uni in September which will be good hopefully.
    Not as big on meat as Americans are. We eat vegetables too! :p

    Where are you from anyway? US?
    Hey yeah that's right I live in England. You should definitely visit some time, at least London anyway its great there.
    Well, I think I stopped around when I entered college. I just kind of stopped hanging out on CFC for a while. You could say that I was taking a break. I got bored and restless though, so now I'm back on CFC to kill a little bit of time.
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