1992-2013. I have 21 years of civilization. Call to Power, C-Evo, Freeciv inclued. No, I don't play Civ5, is the WORST version that has already been launched.

Computer, science, civilization, UFC (brazilian jiu-jitsu), movies, dancing, swimming, history...
Mar 31, 1981 (Age: 43)
São Paulo, Brazil
My Computer
DELL 15R SE7520 notebook i7- with Radeon graphics card/2G, 8G RAM, 32G pendrive converted in memory booster, Windows 7 Ultimate 64.
Civ4 Difficulty Level
Civ3 Difficulty Level
Civ2 Difficulty Level
Civ1 Difficulty Level
Civ5 Versions
Civ4 Versions
  1. Warlords Expansion
  2. Beyond the Sword Expansion
Civ3 Versions
  1. Play the World
  2. Conquests
Civ2 Versions
  1. Civilization II
Civ1 Versions
  1. Civ DOS
Col Versions
(M.Sc.) in Renewable Energy. Working in the area.


A Big Fan and Team´s Member of Realism: Invictus

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