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  • So I just re-checked the date on that fivethirtyeight article's from last year. Haha! I can't find any projections for this year yet.
    It might be some sort of inferiority complex due to his lack of physical prowess or something. Or jealousy that poorly performing students get a full-ride scholarship.
    I like how Form thinks he knows more about the nuances of college athletics than someone who writes about college sports for a living.
    As you may have noticed, I invited you to my 'careers without college' group. Since (from what I've heard) you work (or at least you have in the past) to help people get jobs, I thought you could contribute to this group quite a bit. Please accept my invitation if you're interested.
    Don't know how much you're into fiction writing, but there is a general 'how to write' thread up in A&E and a couple of fiction works-in progress threads as well fyi.
    I think we drove through Granville often, though my memory is a bit foggy since it was so long ago. My grandparents used to live in the Youngstown area and my cousins in downtown Columbus, so we were always taking car trips around the state.

    It's rare to come across somebody who knows Marion--I think I've run into maybe 5 people in real-life who have heard of the place. :D
    Good day.

    Have you considered a game of IOT? I am running one on Beyond the Lampshade called Beyond the Revolution which I am happy to set out.

    Consider well for great justice!
    Mr Downtown, it is my understanding you have exceptional experience with sifting CVs. Could I perhaps email you mine so that you could pull out any obvious mistakes?

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