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  • 1) thanks... today i got some info from the housing ministry and the outcome looks bleak. but a shrink visit helped stabilize my mood massively, also i'm going slightly up in meds per day, so i'll be less stressful atm

    2) no :( i have to attend a wedding. really prefered attending pf, but...

    3) let's go with this: her demeanor and behavior is quite cold, yet in a relaxed way. her social engaging is often complentative in nature, she often analyzes the conversations she's having while she's having them. but she doesn't use advanced words when speaking. she is below average in height and is slightly overweight, but it's because of muscle. She uses two warhammers. :)
    Probs not dude, I have no idea what's happening in that game at this stage and honestly my idea didn't fit that well with the theme anyway so nah. Sorry. :(
    [...] I would divulge how mechanics highlight importance specifics of setting in my own game, but I have to keep some secrecy as plotstuff is secret, so I can just smugly go "I have done that heh heh heh" and stay at that. But you could talk about stuff like Pokémon and Path of Exile that both do that in different ways. What it has in relevance to IOT has to do with the issues Megs and Thorvald have both talked about. I could also talk about what it has to do with my (currently development-hiatus) own fantasy NES and how it emphasizes research and exploration over combat.
    Oh k. Hm. 2 parter visitor message inbound.
    I dunno what I could add particularly. I NESed since 2009 I think so I'm not new at "it" while I'm new at "IOT", but I think doing comparisons is going down a dark place.
    We could talk a bit about game design, ie how an IOT's setting should have mechanics somehow making its particularity important - I could talk about where you probably will succeed in that regard (because you are mechanically highlighting a fight between magic and technology), even when keeping in mind how my personal suggestions/annoyance weren't good for your vision, you have tried to emphasize it somewhat. [...]
    What I could talk about is... (I'm listing stuff for myself here on your visitor page :p )
    - Summarizing quickly what it's about
    - Details on the combat system - might, weight, speed, range of gear - how limbs work - conditions to inflict and have inflicted
    - The types of fights we may see - the four arenas -
    - The things to do outside the arena - you can buy services of necromancy, eldritch magick, mekamagick, alchemy, smithing - the common rooms - cells - teams - the arena administration - prestige
    - I'm going to give each character a SPECIAL ABILITY besides the components I have designed, giving a tad more leeway for uniqueness and players' wishes to be fulfilled when their ideas don't mesh well with the core components
    - oh and there's actually A PLOT with EXCITING stuff if players feel like uncovering stuff

    ... But yea I think I pretty much summed it up for myself. Dunno how to talk about it most succesfully. We can converse and I can bring up some cool points. :)
    Hi :) If possible, I'd love to be a part of a future podcast, I want to promote my IOT. :)
    Can't wait for Arcanum.
    The Fair have no political authority whatsoever, they're a creative and artistic pseudoslave class, so putting them in that position feels weird. Otherwise feels feasible :)
    "The Flame" was just a reference to the fire-worshipping religion. I think at the point of writing I imagined the contestants being blessed by the priest caste. Let's say it's an unwritten rule that the participants should ideally be endorsed by one or more shamans.

    Let's say that when you talk about the half elves, you usually say "the fair." Like: "The fair are playing at Bullsnout Inn this evening."
    1) Take your pick then :)
    2) See above
    3) How many NPCs do I have to provide for?
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