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  • The human nations I made were generic horde nations, so they can be merged with little difficulty.
    The Harmonious Onol Kingdom could be annexed into either dwarven nation.
    I'd rather the Orc nations remain separate, but if you still want to reduce the number of NPCs you could give one of them the lands of the Anaÿa Bastion as long as the nation you expanded got some sort of issue to represent the fact that a bunch of elf-hating orcs just annexed a bunch of Orc-hating elves.
    Aw crap. At least my time off is meaningful I guess? I mean I have great carreer opportunities right now :l
    But that works better. Perhaps make a background history that the two nations divided Ostland like 10 years ago? Then my NPC work isn't wasted per se :p
    Well I attempted to do it as such because it provided a somewhat balanced geopolitics in the area. I feel less strongly about Ostland, if that helps?
    Also I have it difficult consolidating the two in my own head.
    But they were the function of just about an hour of work I suppose, so it's up to you.
    Also I definitely am unavailable tomorrow :(
    Actually just got home, but got a gig at a festival of literature in Denmark, I don't know yet when I am to read. I sincerely forgot to consider the two events together, again. If I'm not reading at the time of the DnD, I'll most probably join.
    Also I'm not really convinced about the whole "it takes X amount of turns to reach" thing for technology, I feel like that's nerfing technology too much. Could we talk about that please?
    Oh yeah don't forget to support House de Toullies in you orders for HtH that's really important.
    As a side note, you may also want to indicate in your treaty that you, and Chile especially, would like your former lands returned. You may be interested in making a map, or you can use (roughly) OTL borders
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