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  • Wow, Masada. Haven't heard from him in a while. I guess you're based in either Malaysia or Indonesia?
    walaikum salam warahmatullah wabarokatuh, Alhamdulillah iyiyim! Tez yaziyorum ama hala civilization oyunorum, cok sikintili bir durum :p Senin visitor message yazmayabilirim kardesim, o yuzden burda yaziyorum. Sen de nasilsin kardesim iyi insha Allah? hayat, okul ya da is nasil gidiyor? hala Istanbulda mi yasiyorsun? Fi amanillah!
    The worrying thing is that it's socially acceptable to spout off against Muslims. Sort of like how it was acceptable in the 1800s to say awful things about Catholics or any number of other groups.
    I've stopped posting for much the same reason you did. The level of vitriol and bile deployed against Muslims (and me for defending them) is something I found deeply troubling. So much so that I couldn't put up with it. So I quit the forums.
    Yeah, it's messed up. In Australia we sack politicians for stuff like this. In Israel, you can incite violence against Palestinians and not even be told off. What the hell is wrong with that country?
    Allah iyilik versin kardeşim. Çok şükür bi sorun yok, sadece öyle bi süre pek vakit ayıramadım foruma.

    Nasıl gidiyo? Ramazan da geldi çok şükür :D
    "Traitorfish" was something a friend came up with years ago- literally about a decade- but I can't remember what it meant or the context. I started using it as a name on forums and suchlike, and in a few cases I'm still using it.
    I'm afraid not- I've never formally studied grammar or rhetoric or anything like that, just picked it up by exposure. Whatever I'm doing, it's some unconscious mixture of habit, intuition and imitation.
    Hi, sorry I was just looking at my old messages and I realized I didn't answer your question. Yes, I think it is safe in Eastern Turkey. The PKK normally targets government, military and security forces but not civilians. There's some risk of being in a terrorist attack but that's probably just as much in Istanbul. It seemed safe and relaxed to me. Sometimes you see some tanks, and in Diyarbakır there's a big military presence but it mostly seemed relaxed and safe to me. The only place in the Southeast I would say you should think twice about visiting is Hakkari. I've even been to Şırnak many times and it didn't seem so bad, but I've mostly just passed through. I did end up spending the night in Cizre once and I visited the tomb of Peygamber Nuh. You do often see graffiti for PKK and Apo, I've even seen it in Mardin and Urfa. Well, Kızıltepe, which is next to Mardin is very Kurdish, and Mardin is mixed Kurdish and Arab.
    There are a lot of interesting places outside of Van like akdamar church and hoşap castle and Ahlat which is actually in Bitlis and then the castle is interesting. I just thought the city of Van itself was not so interesting. It was destroyed on WWI and the new city is modern but you can see the ruins of the old city next to the castle.
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