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  • Considering "american white guy decides to move and live in the middle east" isn't a common story, perhaps you should make a thread describing how all that went about. Note, I am not kidding you or joking around.
    It's Orly Taitz, a crazy lawyer from California, US, who insists that Obama isn't a legitimate president and had launched (and lost) hundreds of lawsuits to that effect. She's in my avatar merely for the lulz.
    thanks for answering the hidden question that I have in my mind, I was about to ask you about recommendation for a place to visit but I decide not to ask, but gladly you answer it. However is it safe now around that region, keeping in mind there's conflict everywhere between Turkish government and PKK. Even though relation peoples Government and PKK much more better under Erdogan, and I see many Kurdish peoples also feel Erdogan able to be their representative and feeling less discriminated, I like that.
    is that so? :/ I was to thinking to visit Van after I visit Trabzon one day. Now trying to accumulate money for my future trip. Maybe I'll change my direction.
    I live in a city that sit between two continent ;) Istanbul, such a lovely place. I met many Kurdish here, including the Kurdish refugee from Syria the one who seek refugee from Assad carnage. And I really impress seeing the religiosity and attitude of the peoples from Van. Not to mention seeing the pictures in the internet, Van is a very beautiful place, lucky you already had your visited!
    not I'm not Kurdish :) but I met wonderful peoples from Van, they are very nice peoples and the region that I'm living consist many Kurdish peoples. They teach me how to speak basic Kurdish, but cawani basim is the only things that stuck into my mind :p ama turkce konusabilirim kardesim ;)
    Nah, joking! :p I used to have a Polish themed avatar as well, which stated "POLSKA". I actually live in the Netherlands.

    That being said, I am genuinely interested in Azerbaijan, so if you have something to tell about the country, I'm all ears!
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