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  • My point is you can make mods for free and if you like that (and think you have an aptitude for it) study computer science. But studying computer science will just be a more intense, less fun version of the same thing so you if you don't even like making mods, doing that for a job is definitely a mistake. Make sense?
    Few people are, and that's not what I meant. I meant if you can't make mods (even ones that don't go on to become famous) you're wasting your time studying say, Computer Science. Make sense? Do everything you can hands on and free and if you like that, then study it.
    In today's world degrees are less important than they used to be, and actual applied knowledge/experience is more important. Just as a random example, being the maker of a successful Civilization Mod (like Rhye) can look better to potential video game makers that would hire you rather than simply someone with a Computer Science degree that hasn't done anything with it other than earned the degree itself.
    Your local library and www.codecademy.com can probably teach you some coding for free. If you like (and are able) to do that much then I'd highly recommend classes later on. Otherwise, at least you gave it a good try without wasting money.

    Finally: I got my first interview today... at Burger King. Not proud that I even want to work there, but a job is a job you know?
    1. Have an intricate knowledge of Windows 8. (this shouldn't put you way ahead of most people, but it does. :p )

    2. Learn about Cisco stuff specifically (Cisco isn't the only vendor for networking stuff, but they're the biggest, so if you're only going to learn one then they're generally the best to choose)

    3. Learn the 'generic' networking stuff that could applied to pretty much any vendor.
    You are of the age that is in the target demographic of the group. :) The group is meant to help people find (skilled) employment as fast as possible (meaning without having to earn a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD).
    How old are you if I may ask? I ask because if you're a younger person you might be interested in my 'careers without college' group. I'll give you an invite if you're interested. :)
    I think that's the case. When one gets a temporary ban (usually one week), they can't post and you can't send visitor messages, but you can send private messages. I don't have the option of sending a PM to Ghostwriter. The only way to communicate is by sending him an email.
    He got Permabanned a week or two ago. The Moderators were always after him for as long as I could remember. He used to be known as Domination3000 until in 2011 he was forced to change his username in order to continue posting.
    I'm British, so the Progenitor server. I assume that yours is one of the US servers.
    Not as much as my flatmate, but yes. I mostly play dark siders - I have a 40th-level Zabrak Sith Sorcerer, a 20th-level Zabrak Sith Juggernaut, a 12th-level Pureblood Sith Assassin and (just for a change) a 20th-level Human Jedi Sage. :)
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