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  • Nah, its a different - there's no Sejong or Attila innit, for one. But it was the precursor to several... fun games with multiple similar leaders
    nah, this was for the other thread about Germany denouncing Germany. Yep, I thought it'd be a hoot to have four in the game and see how they'd react.

    Pretty badly, and in a confusing way :D
    ah, and this was a funny game of Frontiers. Landsknechts R Us, I would call it. With Sejong beating the snot out of a certain new yorker in early game
    Nothing... one was huge but still stuck in Renaissance and fighting Attila. The other was rapidly collapsing. Then this one was stuck to one city after Monty had gobbled up his empire. The communist one was the only one not under threat - either by the Huns or his other "counterparts"
    fine with me. doubt ill get anywhere competing against you or mike. i like the into the future.

    BTW: i will be resuming England: Peasants to Royalty tonight with a war update.

    I am gonna slow down to around once a week to give my family some of my time too
    Yep, the NDAA legalized indefinite detention without trial. That's what you're getting with either of the two major parties.

    Look up the third parties. All of them, without exception, are better than the Republicans or Democrats, both of whom are evil.
    I doubt that Obama is "Saved" in the Evangelical sense we'd use, but he fits the definition of what most people would consider "Christian." He probably does believe, but doesn't care very much. That people claim he was a Muslim is just as ridiculous as the claim that he was born in Africa.

    As for domestic surveilance, the Patriot Act is a good example. The NDAA made it even worse, declaring the entirety of the United States a battlefield and legalizing indefinite detentions without trial. The Patriot Act was signed by Bush (Although Obama also supports it) the NDAA was signed by Obama. Both were nearly nonpartisan, with only slight objection.

    You should look up Ron Paul, he votes no on practically everything, which is why I love him so much:p
    Both Romney and Obama supported a war-based state that would have killed more people, policies that would have led to the highest incarceration rate in the world, massive amounts of domestic surveilance, and redistributive economic policies. Not to mention that neither was actually pro-life, if that's important to you (Its important to me but the foreign policy is the biggest issue for me since everything else connects to that).

    If I could have voted, I would have voted for Gary Johnson. If you were going to vote for Romney or Obama, better not to vote.

    I was also raised "Right wing", Christian and Republican. I kept the Christian part, ditched the Republican part:p
    What are your political views BTW? You liked Reagan so I take it you're conservative? I used to be a hardcore conservative, but at some point I began a radical shift. I'd consider myself a medium-to hardcore libertarian (Not quite an ancap, but definitely a minimalist) who takes the conservative position on the abortion issue. So in other words, a pro-life libertarian.
    Merry Christmas:)

    And sorry, I didn't know, I've been focusing more on political debate of late and haven't been in "Ask an Evangelical" much in awhile.
    Reagan is seriously overrated by the right IMO, but somewhat underrated by the left. I'd say he's the best post-New Deal President but that that frankly isn't saying a whole lot.

    Reagan over Obama? Absolutely (Although he may well have fallen into Bush/Obama style foreign policy and civil liberties violation if he were still President). Reagan over Ron Paul? Don't jest:p Ron Paul beats Reagan any old day;)
    Seriously overrated Presidents include John Adams, sometimes Andrew Jackson (Some people love him, some hate him, the ones that love him seriously overrate him), Lincoln, Teddy, Wilson, FDR, and pretty much every president post World War II that isn't hated by everyone on the planet (Reagan was the best of those, but was still pretty bad compared to earlier, more free market presidents.)

    Seriously underrated guys include Van Buren, John Tyler, James Buchanan, Grover Cleveland, and Silent Cal.
    I do actually live in NYS, but I'm saying "Exiled" because I have the CSA flag and am on an anti-Lincoln tyrade:p

    (The anti-Lincoln thing is serious, Lincoln was a tyrant who invaded the Southern states not to end slavery but to "Preserve the Union" and thus to trample on the principles of self-government. Throughout the war he had CSA citizens brutally attacked, shut down habeus corpus, and had numerous northern newspapers shut down for criticizing him. I also believe he tried to arrest the judge who ordered him to restore habeus corupus, but it seems to be debated as to whether or not this happened. The Lincoln that myth has created, and the real Lincoln, were very very different.)
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