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Imp. Knoedel
Last Activity:
Jan 24, 2021 at 8:04 PM
Nov 11, 2011
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November 12
The cooler Germany

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Imp. Knoedel

Simperator Knoedel, from The cooler Germany

Friendship is Magic. Oct 27, 2019

Imp. Knoedel was last seen:
Jan 24, 2021 at 8:04 PM
    1. Imp. Knoedel
      Imp. Knoedel
      Friendship is Magic.
      1. Thorvald of Lym
        Thorvald of Lym
        Friendship is WITCHCRAFT
        Oct 27, 2019
        Imp. Knoedel likes this.
    2. Imp. Knoedel
      Imp. Knoedel
      Forget the Alamo, remember Fort Sumter! Down with the traitor, up with the star!
    3. Imp. Knoedel
      Imp. Knoedel
      Capitalism is literally cancer.
      1. Thorvald of Lym and Fish Man like this.
      2. Fish Man
        Fish Man
        I agree, communism is much better. The former gives a single measly extra trade route while the latter saves you 200+ gold every turn and gives practically 8+ food to most of your cities.
        Sep 3, 2018
    4. Imp. Knoedel
      Imp. Knoedel
      Why won't this website let me change my avatar? :(
      1. Synsensa
        What's the issue?
        Aug 12, 2017
      2. Imp. Knoedel
        Imp. Knoedel
        I was trying to upload an image that was too large. Apparently there are two ways of changing your avatar, and only one of them actually gives you an error message when the upload wasn't successful, the other just pretends nothing happened.
        Aug 12, 2017
      3. Synsensa
        Xenforo strikes again!
        Aug 12, 2017
    5. chickenx4
      Nice avatar
      1. Imp. Knoedel likes this.
    6. Imp. Knoedel
      Imp. Knoedel
      Currently busy in real life, doing science stuff. At least that's what I'm supposed to do.
    7. Ricci
      Knoedel, hi! In regards to that small talk we had some days ago about a direct IP MP game, I haven´t forgotten, mind you. We didn´t meet again yet, and including another gamer comes with some preparation. Any news on the topic will reach your attention in due time.
      ... ...you have been aware. Jaja.. jajaja.. muahahahaha. aaa!!
      1. Imp. Knoedel likes this.
      2. Tigranes
        I should probably join the fun myself...
        Dec 20, 2016
        Imp. Knoedel likes this.
      3. Imp. Knoedel
        Imp. Knoedel
        Ah yes, I remember I wanted to inform Tigranes about it because I figured he is the only person I know who prefers sequential over simultaneous turns.
        Dec 21, 2016
        Tigranes likes this.
      4. Ricci
        Excelent addition then! The most fulfilling, spectacular games came to be for me in this format. I should warn you though, don´t know when the celestial bodies will be in line to tune just one more turn for us five.
        I´ll let you know when they do.
        Dec 21, 2016
    8. Tomorrow's Dawn
      Tomorrow's Dawn
      lmao, I love your new sig, Imp
      1. Imp. Knoedel likes this.
    9. Imp. Knoedel
      Imp. Knoedel
      Aw shucks, it's all in good fun. Don't take it too serious. ;)
    10. Lokki242
      I apologize for not knowing about your mod, I recently retirned to the forum after a near year absence and only saw it after my post. It looks cool, and youve clearly put a ton of awesome work into it. You've definitely earned the right to snark at my Canadian-ness
    11. Leoreth
      So you were spying on me? I knew Orwell was right.
    12. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      If I didn't know better, that profile seems somewhat off. Oh wait, it's just a book. lel
    13. Imp. Knoedel
      Imp. Knoedel
      Clearly you are misinterpreting whatever I said, as I am well aware of that fact.
    14. DKVM
      Dude, you clearly didn't read everything. The Shura story isn't being discontinued. Spirictum is taking it over again.
    15. Imp. Knoedel
      Imp. Knoedel
      Currently I do not have any opinions and ideas on the Caliphate.
    16. Spirictum
      Dar ash-Sham, what has happened to you? We are missing your opinions and ideas on the Caliphate.
    17. citis
      Hello. Next time you face a problem with Kazan, please tell me in the city-thread. It can be faced quickly and efficiently this way. You don't need to complain, all problems can be solved.
    18. Imp. Knoedel
    19. VGL
      Hi.please join my Iranian story.we currently re started and if you want a position,you can change someone for a position or wait for a new province to open once i capture "Kingdom of Pakistan".
    20. adhiraj.bose
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    November 12
    The cooler Germany
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    • Basic Edition
    • Gods & Kings
    • Brave New World
    • DLC (various)
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    • Special Edition
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    • Warlords Expansion
    • Beyond the Sword Expansion
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    • Remake (2008)
    Friendship is Magic.



    "I'd recommend using worldbuilder to cheat." -MagisterCultuum
    "You're an incompetent jerk with no capacity for self-reflection, and an unbearable burden on any conversation. [...] At this point I mainly feel sorry for the people in your life who have to deal with your condition." -BobCW
    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. And babies." -Imperator Knoedel

    Using the Steam version of Civ4? Running into problems with it, especially concerning multiplayer, mods or opening other people's saves? Try this link!
    Ever feel culture is useless outside of expanding your borders? Try this mod!
    Also check out my mod for a mod of a mod!
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