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  • Congrats! That's really wonderful man. Good luck on marital bliss and all that.
    Oi, re-up your interest for Albia-Norway or decline, so I can figure out who to handoff to. :p
    If you want the full files you should just ask the man himself since he's definitively stated he's not continuing it; I was denied access to them at the time precisely because he wasn't sure (and he didn't want people like Frank mucking about in them).

    At any rate I don't have them.
    [15:41:02] <%SymphonyD> Kal wants your head on a pike.
    [15:41:15] <%SymphonyD> Not really.
    [15:41:22] <%SymphonyD> But he is miffed that you're ignoring him.
    [15:41:52] <+kraznaya> i'm not ignoring him
    [15:41:55] <+kraznaya> he's just contacting me at bad times
    Hey Kal, are you interested in retaking the Kadanoff Unity? The civil war's winding down, and the situation is beginning to look very interesting indeed!
    i made a big screw up with my tech stats, don't teach me math this turn, instead i'd rather the tech trade agreement hire your planetologist for materials research asap

    i'd appreciate it if you hopped on for a sec before sending orders, i'll be on up to the deadline
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