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  • hey, sorry for my testy post in WWW. I was mostly mad at daft for bringing more attention to the whole fracas in WWW, which I'm hoping doesnt flare up again as it is pretty off-putting for any potential nesers who might be lurking on the forum. That Israel argument couldve just as easily been had via pm, ot, or #nes.

    hope to see you around the forum more!
    I would concur with my esteemed colleague below, except to add that I'd rather have you in N3S in any capacity rather than none, even if it's in a tiny NPC halfway across the world.

    Actually, preferentially in a tiny NPC halfway across the world. I don't want to have to fight you, and the EoE world needs some dynamism in unexpected locations.
    Tovarishch, we have need of you in EOE to play the Aya'se of Gaci. The rightful successor to the Holy Moti Empire.
    I have read it, in fact, though it will take me a few more days before I have any cogent commentary to add besides "Wow, Moscow is definitely never going to be the capital of Russia now."
    Well, my point is that both Jehoshua and LoE seem to say that "all men/women MUST be X," where in Jehoshua's case X is "fully conforming to traditional gender roles," while in Lord of Elves case X is "entirely separated from pre-established gender roles". Both of these positions are, in their way, totally absolutist, and as you said, they reduce the chance for any sort of compromise or mutual understanding.
    The problem (for me) is simply that both sides of the argument have truly compelling points to make. Women (or men) shouldn't be considered en bloc, and I feel like both conservatives and progressives in their way tend to succumb to the temptation to doing so.
    Hello das. :) I'm contemplating reviving my Peloponnesian War NES (http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=441426), subject to sufficient interest/good players for Athens and Sparta (I've posted about it here). I remember you being pretty much the only active player when it last died: would you like to return as Sparta again? It would be great to have you.
    I will at some stage bring myself to answer your question from last N3S update...
    When can we expect another alternate history installment from you? I'm looking forward to seeing the international political ramifications of the revolution.
    You also possess a unique, very valuable trait: you have the ability to maintain very large populations. On top of that, you are also indirectly given /massive/ population growth; in a forested gaian environment, like your capital, you have around 15% population growth per annum, compared to the ~3% of a blank faction. Thanks again to the first thing I brought up, you can also easily turn other regions gaian.
    All in all, some very high potential. Pretty much all you need is housing and low taxes. If you somehow manage to get both, you could easily see upwards of 20% GDP growth per year. And since housing is dirt-cheap for you (12e/1m/1v a suburb), and you have resource surpluses in all (allowing you to put taxes at 0% for speedy economic growth), well.

    The longer I look the more strengths I find :p.
    Note that you start with Manage Ecology and Enrich Biosphere refined (terraforming actions; refined = vastly reduced cost). These have not just high intrinsic value, but also quite high current demand. You could gain a lot from contracting, since you'd be undercutting everyone else (so far just Symph and 2 NPCs).
    Between the two NPCs, I'd agree that they're definitely the more interesting pick. Between the two PCs, it seems you'd have more flexibility with (rewriting) the Seffassians if Nintz doesn't pick them up, if only because the Dardareo are now fairly well established as shadowy operators (seemingly not terribly concerned with defense).
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