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  • I am introducing a new generation to mafia. If/when you come back, please leave me a copy of your Takhisis activity graph, Kennigit-san.
    Frames are really important, I agree. I get bronze or dark brown ones, because I think that silver or black ones make me look washed out and I need frames that are as narrow as possible to avoid accentuating how long and pointed my face is. :)

    I've never tried contacts, but the last time I enquired, the optician said something about my needing a different prescription in each lens, so I didn't think it was worth the bother!
    Idk my only experience with diplomacy is an unfinished game from like four years ago
    Unfortunately the only hikes/parks on my radar out west are Berg Lake trail, which is close to Mt. Robson I believe, and hiking in Bugaboo provincial park, which.. oh wait, this place is actually pretty close to Calgary! I haven't done much research yet, but I have a friend who lives in Vancouver and posted several amazing looking shots from some hiking she did there. So I don't know much about it, but maybe check it out.

    > I only had skimmed your travel tales and such but how was the norway trip?

    It was an incredible experience, filled with many crazy hikes. I haven't really posted about it much, aside from this highlights video, which I quickly threw together. Came back with 15 hours of GoPro footage, this is all I've released so far -

    I'm not sure if I'm posting a trip report or not, for now I'm too busy denorwegianizing and trying to finally get back into "regular" life.
    Purpose of message. To thank. Kennigit. For lamenting. Death of robokitten. Appreciated.
    My comment was simply that I noticed the convention used was different to the Sign up (and other threads)
    Are you ready to host your small game? If so, you can go ahead and open sign-ups and start as soon as you like.
    Yeah that is my biggest complaint. The item descriptions are absolutely awful.
    Hey, how are you liking Rebirth? Worth full price, or wait for a sale?
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