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  • You welcome any post bashing ponies? If you were a girl I'd be asking your father for your hand in marriage!
    I will. I'm trying to get things straighten out on my computer first and then add you guys to the new map before I add you to the front page.
    You can't do so in truth anyways (Well, other than "The Law says it isn't, blah blah blah") but by the moral standard it clearly is.
    I don't believe we should prevent gays from marrying. I don't think the government should recognize marriage officially, and if it must be done, it should be at the lowest level of government possible. And I personally oppose gay marriage because it is a contradiction of what marriage is, so if the government has to have a stance, they should get a Civil Union with the same rights.

    As for abortion, opposing murder is hardly anti-libertarian.
    How many provinces of mine? You will have to negotiate with our vassals separately, through Sonreal, although I dont believe he will refuse.
    On second thought, you can pry our land from our cold dead fingers, you get nothing now.
    That's an unacceptable proposal, Libya is just a colony not a core part of my territory. You can have all my North American territories except for Maryland and Delaware this is my best offer.
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