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  • I know that posted links to two previous lists (about the suggestions) I made in a hurry; would you like me to thoroughly compile them instead? Also when would you like me to post the resource changes because Im busy these day but I still want to get it done by ur next svn release?
    C++ allows overloading so it's possible to add an extra parameter without having to change the function in the whole code. It's still ugly of course, I'll think about finding an alternate way that's more elegant.
    Why do you think you can't? Is there a particular reason why we wouldn't be able to pass an array? Great to hear you're doing research on that one by the way, I have enough on my hands right now.
    Why is it that the HRE the only Catholic nation that left the Catholic church, but all the Orthodox nations left the Orthodox church?

    3 armies on each of the defensive lines
    3 participating in the central offensive
    2 attacking in the north
    2 attacking in the south.
    Sandy brown (as opposed to poo brown) would be great, thank you.

    Also, can you post a link to the Updates on the front page? It makes it much easier to follow the game.
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