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Jun 29, 2021
Dec 31, 2010
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Jun 29, 2021
    1. dot80
    2. dot80
    3. Jehoshua
      intriguing, well at least you're not imploring me to side with you, such weakness would be unbecoming ;)
    4. Jehoshua
      Query: How would a von Magniv chieftaincy advantage the von Jeho family... ???
    5. CivOasis
      15 minutes to join CityIOT if you want to campaign; 6 hours to make it into first update
    6. CivOasis
      A reminder that CityIOT registration and election endorsements are due by 10:00 PM EST tomorrow; those wishing to campaign must declare their candidacy by 2:00 AM EST tonight.
    7. Tambien
      Might I direct you towards the GaPesque IAAR, Babylonian Statecraft, that I'm starting in the CiV forums to attempt to contribute to activity?
    8. KaiserElectric
      LH said that our villains in the Scarlet Hand game will be in the same jail at the start. Would you be interested in co-creating a hero that put us there? ;)
    9. CivOasis
      I notice you've wandered back over to ACs lately; if you're interested, I'm pitching mine, Search and Rescue, which is coming back off hiatus (about a week, caused by theft of my computer) soon (target is tomorrow afternoon, though possibly Sunday if not enough people are around). It's more of a survival/horror bent than typical of games (fighting is usually a bad idea. Running is usually a good one), and it's got options to be more or less accurate.

      Anyways, just a sales pitch. Any questions about the game in general could be forwarded to me, although I usually keep plot rather ambiguous for the whole horror reason, so players - in particular Red Spy, who's probably the most active participant - would be better for that.
    10. arya126
      Not sure if you are aware, but I have recently formed a new Realpolitik, and I have realized you have played in RPs before here and there. I was wondering if you might want to play another? If you are indeed interested, feel free to click the link below and join up!
    11. Patriotic_Fool
      So, did you ever decide "yes/no" to that question I asked? :3
    12. Jehoshua
      Awaits response to various PM's....
    13. Ravus_Sol
      Welcome back!
    14. Jehoshua
      Meh, my style is to let them face the full consequences so they learn the difference between whats right and wrong. (wonders how old certain players are...)
    15. Jehoshua
      now, now, no need to give favours our of mercy to the ignorami :p
    16. Jehoshua
    17. JohannaK
      The unintelligible one? Yes.
    18. Jehoshua
      OOC: Response to Christos in GaP II: "I can lend you some rope and the trees are just over there" :p
    19. dot80
      Also, I forgot to mention, you can control and charge the government for use of the horse resource.
    20. Jehoshua
      Hey Magnive, would you be interested in playing Imperium Romanorum in Civ V stories and tales. It looks interesting and it corrects some of the mistakes of CSOG.
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