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  • Hey also, can you tell me the issues you were having with trying to add Varieta Delectat tot he mod? I'm trying my hand at modding. What's really important is for me to be able to access the mod database.
    I mean that I need to be able to log on and upload my own changes to the mod because I have a lot of things that are small but necessary.
    Hey I just wanted to talk to you for a second about the mod. Have you updated it to the most recent revisions that were reported that needed to be changed? If not then could you do it? Also, could you please give me access to the mod site itself so that I can make changes too? I have lots of free time now with AP testing over.
    hi, I wanna know, are you following my story Tryst with destiny ? I'd like you to come over and join as foreign minister. We are taking ministerial appointments there. That's the only vacant position as of now.
    That's freaky holy crap :lol: That's fine though, just make sure you have all of the progress you've been making and take your time :D
    Sorry to bug you, are you done yet? I know you said you got the VD downloaded, so you should be almost done if not completely done right?
    hi, do you still follow my India thread ? Well if so, I'm taking in applications for the King's council. There are 4 more seats left.
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