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  • During the transition to democracy from a republic, Natives in the Louisiana Territory (New France) took advantage of the instability and raided Minneapolis, killing thousands of innocents and crippling the territory's economy for decades. You are given a great opportunity. You can either write a paragraph or for the local paper, or instead focus on Catholic oppression in South America.
    It was made by the same OOC person. I can't let you roleplay two different players at the same time.
    Only party members can participate in the Congress of Soviets. So I need to delete your post there.
    And can i move to America and be the representative of America but still send letters and pressure america to start a cold war? Also can i write stories?

    You can post whatever you want, but I can't USA AI. Currently they are already in the other alliance with Spain and Canada. France may join them too.
    Quote: What happens when there is a tie?
    It's specified in the duma operation rules. A bill needs 50%+1 vote to be voted. Right now Duma has 6 members, so 4 members are required for a bill to be voted.
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