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  • Also, out of a bit of curiosity... Would you support the creation of a right-wing Democratic-Republican Party for the story? I think it'd be a nice twist
    CK you don't know just how perfect you calling for impeachment of Bryan is! I won't tell why but I appreciate it
    Lol if you want to have fun with it that's perfectly fine with me; the story is getting kinda boring with everyone being a left-winger atm. I don't mind if you're left-wing and join, but the story seems to just be me shouting into an empty can of Chef Boyardee.
    Would House Caterpillar be interested in a formal extradition agreement for individuals in Caterpillar territory and The Watch of House Florentanius? This would be bilateral and allow the transfer of individuals who have committed criminal acts to be extradited back to where they committed the crime to face justice. In the agreement there would be the stipulation that as soon as the requested transfer was initiated the prisoner would be transferred. However, the immediate movement of the prisoner may be waived (if agreed by both parties) on a case-by-case basis. After the need for the waiver of transfer passed the prisoner would be transferred as soon as possible.
    Would it be possible for the Watch of House Florentanius to enter Robertia to protect Lady Lena Florentanius of Giacola and to investigate her husband's murder?
    Yes, because in Belarus and most other European countries the school year starts on September 1 or at the beginning of September. I wonder when your summer holidays start.
    I don't have a clue on what happens with varietat delectact. I tried 4 times, I merged everything as I should've done, but still, it just crashes on start.
    I'll upload the new version this evening. As for the mod site, I don't understand. What mod site? I'm happy that you have some free time because my free time very very little. As you can see I'm not very active anymore on the forums, most of the times I just come to check things out. :(
    Should? I thought should was like you may, but if you don't it's ok. The idea here is that every active counselor has to post before the 1st round can conclude, and can post only once, so I thought should wasn't mandatory enough, and I didn't want to use must because it seems a strict order, which may hurt people when they read. I'll try to make it better, thanks for the tip :thumbsup:
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