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Feb 10, 2014
Sep 5, 2006
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Self-Styled Intellectual

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Feb 10, 2014
    1. Neverwonagame3
      Of course I'm not going to stop it. I realised I would get banned when I started.
    2. JohannaK
      Please, drop it. You're 100% surely gonna get an infraction, and right now it very much looks like you're gonna get a ban (trolling is actually a reason for an infraction, and even if you got only a point per post, you'd be banned). You're only hurting yourself more than you already have.

      Also, regarding your signature: attending university is no proof of maturity.
    3. Ailedhoo
      Consider IOTXIV as a game to join.
    4. mrrandomplayer
      I will most likely be done with the RandNES update in the next three hours.
    5. Terrance888
      I'll be glad to discuss with you on #nes (our chat client) or via PMs. :) Ask away!
    6. Terrance888
      You are welcome to play in my NES (SilliNES3: see sig) and to play as Nakitsa (my ally/client state on a major trade route) in N3S. :)
    7. Terrance888
      High-five, your back, and you are doing better than ever! Good job! :goodjob:
    8. Nuka-sama
      You didn't answer so I wouldn't know your response :p
    9. Neverwonagame3
      I have- unless it's that defection offer I turned down, there's nothing there.
    10. Nuka-sama
      Hey bud, check your PM's
    11. Neverwonagame3
      We can discuss the details of your proposal via P.M. For one thing, what are the advantages of this fighter you speak of anyway?
    12. TheLizardKing
      Hey, interested in buying those designs for that fighter? Sorry to bother you, I just need to know for my spending. The entirety of the PADTA can have it, so long as one of you buys it.
    13. Aiolos
      Why'd ya leave man?
    14. Neverwonagame3
      Although it's too late now as the mods have merged my accounts, I was trying to seperate myself from my old image. I'm significantly older now, so hopefully I can be more mature.
    15. Abaddon
      How many times are you going to create new accounts?
    16. Birdjaguar
      I'm glad you came back. Stick around and play, i'lltry to give you some guidance if you go too far astray.
    17. Oruc
      Dunno I thought send friend requests to all the people I had on the old friends list before the upgrade.
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    NOTE: A while ago when I was less mature I used to be on here. I think I'm a bit more mature now (I'm at uni now) so I'm going to try and give this another go.

    NOTE TWO: For the next three months, I make a pledge- if I join an NES, I will not drop it. It's the holidays, so I can pull this off.