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  • If you're still interested in a GaP-eque game, I'd like to invite you to join Babylonian Statecraft. I hope to see you around. :)

    Hello, orders lock in ~24 hours for MP2. It would be appreciated if you gave specific or vague orders for your nation so that I know what course is best for you to take. Thank you. =]

    Welcome to the game! You have 41 gold to spend as you wish. Good luck. :)

    As for NPC personalities - Thorvald of Lym is in charge of that department. You can VM him or PM him at the IOT boards (he requests all PMs be sent there since his CFC inbox is crammed) with any questions on NPC personalities you may have.
    Sorry, I no longer have the copies. :( They were lost in my move to a newer laptop.
    Hey Nonevah, would you be interested in joining DoC (best IoT on the forums at present imho) by Sonereal?

    If you do, may I suggest settling either at the southern tip of India (Kerala, or Tamil Nadu) or in Afghanistan/Kazakhstan region. This would make the map mostly balanced. Please consider this quickly as opening turn closes in 8 hours.

    Also if you do join I would be mighty pleased if you picked the Orthodox Catholic Church as your religion. Although due to influx of new players you COULD ask Sonereal about starting a new player made religion (Sikhism? Hinduism? Lingayatism? Shia Islam? )
    That's not a particularly good deal. I'll give it to you for that long one east of my province 2.
    You do know that you border three communist nations and only one of them is going to be busy, right? This is actually better for you than me. I'm offering this for fairness' sake.
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