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  • How long was EoE Update 29 written over? I understand you usually do updates over a single weekend, but even with several, 31–32K words would be an extremely impressive output.
    No but really if you do have at your ready disposal usernames from the last 3 years or 2 or 5 or whatever that'd be super helpful for a thing and I guess I'll take the poll.
    Don't kill me but I can't remember if 1. you sent orders for my nes or we agreed to use symphony's 2. if you sent them where tf they are :p

    I have the (pretty awesome and thorough) excel file, but I can't locate ze orders.
    Hi NK, I'm interested in rehabilitating myself as a NESer, and still interested in playing as Ethir. Has anyone claimed them in a post I missed? I see the stats still list them as NPC.

    I gather that an update is in the works (or at least an orders deadline has expired) so I'm happy to wait a while longer!
    (l. = lover), (u. = uncle). The Tower Princedom is a sort of honorary spinoff princedom for Taracis' favorite young half-brother, who is now an old man. I imagine that besides Scroll and Sea, these side princedoms are often split off for favored relatives and then reincorporated into Scroll lands after a period of time.

    The situation with the Sea Princedom is utter debauchery: The Sea Prince's old wife died but not before leaving him with one adult son. He took a new young wife, younger than his son, who is her stepson's mistress in an attempt to secure her influence. The son, meanwhile, has his own wife who is copulating with the Prince (her father in law) out of a desire for revenge.

    Also I changed his name to Karynir now.
    The only weakness is how it tests whether or not people know the words they claim to know. :p
    If the High Wardship is established can you exchange Cyvekt green to different shade, perhaps blue-green?
    I used a few non-standard spellings for various Exatai at points during my orders; just use the bolded names at the end in case of confusion.
    I used the word "emperor" in the orders, but "redeemer" or "high king" would also work depending on foreign influences. Emperor is from the Leunan tradition.
    I used the word "emperor" in the orders, but "redeemer" or "high king" would also work depending on foreign influences. Emperor is from the Leunan tradition.
    I'll pm you a big list of names and discuss some naming taboos and customs. Would you prefer me to post this instead?
    Okay, I guess this needs clarifying. :p Is a city's assembly ruled by a group of vaish or jaish only, or can cities be ruled by a combination of vaish and jaish?
    Can you give me a name for the Shanalashian assemblies? I'm working on your section of the update, and I would invent one but I don't want to pick something you dislike.
    No sign of him in my orders for Turn 27 when he first appeared as a subordinate of Talephas. Though Tesecci Atteri's name is similar to Tarecci Rutarri, who does feature in my orders a lot, despite being a woman. Which was why I made that joke.
    It really is Tesecci Atteri, by the way, not Tepecci as I typoed at one point in my orders. Stupid Accan names. Also he *probably* should be named Tesecco but you named him so I rolled with it. Later commentators will claim he was secretly a woman. :p
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