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  • Have fun!

    EDIT: I got the wiki up to 450 articles for you. Merry Christmas! Someone deleted one though. So it's only 449 now. :p
    I'm wondering. Will Sixth-Frei say anything? Or did he pre-approve what Talephras said. I get that he "owes" Talephras a lot, but in a similar vein he also "owes" the Farubaida and the Kothari. Just wondering.
    Forgot to include 1,000 in aid to the Telha, which they should get, and should leave me with a treasury of 1,000 instead. Thanks. :)
    Still no stats for the city state on my borders. Could they be published please?
    Hey NK, just wanted to say sorry for being inactive in EoE lately. I've been distracted by real life lately, but I'll be back in full action once the soccer season ends (October 25th).
    Sianai isn't acting OOC, he's trying to claim the gains of Arteras as his own, based on his earlier position of satrapal authority over the far north granted to him by the previous Redeemer.

    I was going to write a story clarifying this, but this is essentially a salvo of Sianai against Arteras, who is manipulating the lesser princes into expressing his objections for him, as you saw in the subsequent diplomacy. (They think it's unfair too.)
    So there I stood, overlooking armageddon, when I thought, "Hey, maybe NK would like to know that I enjoyed the update."
    Hmm, most of the activity happens on the IRC. Sadly, without a stable system as we had before we might lose that. It isn't like MSN still exists. :p
    Curious, are you willing to give hints/tips for new players to your NES, or should I try a few different things and see what sticks?
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