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  • That's fine, but honestly I'm too far into the update to accept new orders at this point. I'll just bank all your extra EP.
    Hello, this is a friendly reminder that you have yet to send orders for this turn in SKNES II.
    (You're Bulgaria, right?)
    Good day.

    If you fancy I have made a party for the CFC presidental election. Here it is if your intrested.
    There is talk by the admin on Beyond the Lampshade for a multiplayer game of Civ5. Consider joining BTL so you can play with me!
    The Core introduction and character formats are now up, with OOC OP and Wiki edits underway. The official thread will soon be posted.
    Greetings comrade!

    I has a invite for ya: Beyond the Lampshade!

    This forum (which I came from) is a place of humour, debate and other stuff relative to a grand community!

    We has a cooking section, Paradox fans, process a sandbox and are welcoming of new members that we need.

    Consider for great justice! Join so you can take part in the politics threads!
    Since I've taken up your nation in I&B4, would it be alright to still continue using the flag you've made? :)
    You should VM people who didn't send orders yet, and set a dead deadline, after which you will NPC them mercilessly. Your NES is cool and it needs to move forward.
    Hey. The Quatriut settlements at the moment are mostly ruled by Swiech leaders and have an underpowered Quatriut population. On that note, did you want one of the Quatriut cities, or Iris (the irilenic metropolis)? Each will have !!fun!! stuff to deal with.
    Good day!

    There are two IOTs that might interest you: IOT: Great Journeys and Fight and Don't Die!

    The former is a space based one with your colonisation of planets and guilding your species.

    The latter is based in Earth.

    Consider them.
    In my internal monologue, I will refer you two as losers. :p. I will slip up in an embarassing moment, too.
    Probably. Maybe we should plan in the WWW or a social group, so we don't use up all our PMs.

    I don't want to do a straight a->b->c story, although we could. I still think that character change/revelation, and complications are important.
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