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  • So, you mentioned liking the idea of a germanic greece, and that made me really fall in love with the idea of an Anglo-Hellenic Kingdom. :p
    A reminder that CityIOT orders are due in 7 hours. For those who have been less active lately, we will be entering a slower update cycle, driven by more RP and content, following this update, so I encourage those members to return for the new phase.
    A reminder that CityIOT registration and election endorsements are due by 10:00 PM EST tomorrow; those wishing to campaign must declare their candidacy by 2:00 AM EST tonight.
    Please complete your sign-up for CityIOT ASAP. If you wish to campaign for office, you will need to either finish your signup and declare candidacy by 2:00 AM EST tonight, or let me know that you want to and can't finish the sign-up by that time.
    The little girl in your story can be from Sinopheim, a Fausten colony. I like the dusky sulty-ness. I was going to introduce that the woman of Sinopheim noblity have stained blue teeth. To show that are noblity with the power to eat such foods but also a sign of womanhood. What you think?
    I can pay you back for FTL whenever you want me to, btw, just name a game that you can get on Amazon for around $10 :)
    Hello SouthernKing, We are just missing you for the Council's first round to be closed on the Democratic Caliphate, please take a look there
    Would the great Saxon be willing to ally with the Imperium of Panama so we may deter the aliens, their human fanatical pets and XENOS? We must set our strength to the protection of humanity against the forces of XENOS, other outsiders and the devolved humans!

    OOC: the irony of the anti-alien Imperium allying with the Master...
    rewathing it myself, skip the first episode, actually. It's... really weird and the sound is off and the jokes are really out of character for spoony.
    It's an eleven part adventure I highly recommend. I never actually played VIII, but I remember the review to this day in how hilarious it was. spoiler: he doesn't like the game :p
    So, you like Squall (And FF VIII in general, I'm guessing), right? Have you watched Spoony's review of that game?
    We are starting the new Council on the Democratic Caliphate, so go check the main thread for the news, we are deciding what to do with the group now.
    Hi, I saw you on the Democratic Caliphate game. If you're interested, I am taking applications for ministerial posts for India in my story "Tryst with destiny" . If you want you can apply there. Name the ministerial position in bold and say you apply.
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