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  • It's in reference to a monarch of the Piast dynasty of Poland. I would however love to see the soup brand and may have to buy some.
    Just read this: "The Base Defense mission is great, but it sucks that you don't get a chance to equip your squad. You get randomly chosen squad members fed to you throughout the mission, but even the four you start with just get whatever equipment they were using. Luckily I started with two of my MECs but other than that I got my B Team members in no armor and ballistic weapons."

    Guess it's in there after all. :ocelot:
    Name: Shanxi
    Capital: Xi’an
    Governor: Zhang Hui
    Revolt Risk:
    Food Produced/Consumed/Stored: 400/120/40
    Resources Produced: 200
    Gold Taxed/Rate: 200/High
    Garrison: 3 Companies of Light Infantry, 1 Company of Archers
    Maintenence: X Food, X Gold, X Supplies

    Here's an example of a settlement stat
    Hi NukeNES Austria. I'm your uncle Germany. Here to tell you: be careful what you say to Italy, and who you support in that part of the world. I'd hate it if we were to find ourselves on separate sides, especially with how interconnected our nations are.
    Hell. I'm stuck in Loudoun for the evening and definitely won't be able to make this. Sorry.
    Sure, I can grab something there probably Thursday evening, around 1920ish.
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