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43 Civs DLL for YnAEMP v.2 2016-10-05

43 Civs DLL for YnAEMP v.2

  1. Gedemon
    43 Civs DLL to use with Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack (Vanilla, G+K, BNW).

    Not compatible with mapscripts.

    Only 22 civs will have a 3D diploscreen.


    download the .civ5mod file into your mod folder. Launch the game and go in the mod section to let the game exctract it automatically, or unpack it yourself before launching the game using 7zip.

    to use the mod with vanilla civ5, you need to copy CvGameCoreDLLFinal Release.dll into the game installation folder, replacing the original file (make a backup first !)

    Thanks to

    whoward69, Irkalla.


    1. 43_civs_kOu.jpg