YnAMP - Add-ons .3

Various Add-ons made for Yet (not) Another Maps Pack

  1. Gedemon
    Various gameplay add-ons that are designed to be used with Yet (not) Another Maps Pack, but most of them can still be used independently.

    • Cliff of Dovers Yield Tweak
    • Closer Cities
    • Cordiform Earth (TSL limited to non-DLC civs)
    • Faster Border Growth
    • Faster Movements
    • Huge Earth (no TSL)
    • Less Barbarians
    • More CS for Europe
    • More CS for the World
    • More Distance Between Civilizations
    • Only European Civilizations (W.I.P.)
    • Only Old World Civilizations (W.I.P.)
    • Remove Close CS
    • Remove MP Limits
    • Resources Placement Tweak
    • Smaller City Blips
    • Large Europe (no TSL)
    • Largest Earth (not working since Summer Patch 2017)
    • South East Asia (no TSL)
    • Americas (no TSL)
    • Middle East (no TSL)
    • North Atlantic (no TSL)
    • Pacific (no TSL)