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Adaptive Difficulty v.3

Dynamically adapts game difficulty (AI bonuses) during gameplay.

  1. FearSunn
    GS compatible version on STEAM only.

    Dynamically adapts game difficulty (AI bonuses) during gameplay. AI gets additional units (combat and religious) depending on human player gameplay actions.
    Bonuses are individual for each AI player. These bonuses stack on top with any other bonuses AI gets from set game difficulty or other sources.

    Counter Strategies:
    -- Most important: try to keep better DIPLOMATIC RELATIONSHIP with AI players. Negative diplomatic stance towards you gives AI bigger bonuses. Also AI players get reinforcements (combat units) more frequently less friends you have.
    -- AI players share bonuses among themselves: more friends AI player has - more bonuses it gets.
    -- AI start to get more bonuses (including gold) during war times with human. Therefore human player should try to wage his wars quickly and decisively now.

    Single player only!
    Implemented as gameplay script. Should be compatible with any game version and virtually any other mod out here.

    DO NOT use this mod with More Strategy mod! This feature is already there in it's own more sophisticated manner.