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More Strategy Mod v.1804_global_affairs

Adds more strategy

  1. FearSunn
    Current version on Steam or http://catalogue.smods.ru

    Numerous tweaks add more strategic depth into the game.

    -Player is forced to care more about city location and citizens’ management as food is not so abundant now.
    -Increase in units and buildings maintenance costs makes treasury management critical and positive gold income essential. You will lose units immediately at negative balance.
    -Unhappiness now is a nuisance as rebellions are more likely to occur.
    AI is adapted to all these changes.
    Overall the game should feel harder and more competitive.

    Please check Updates and Discussion tabs for details.

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  1. v.1804_global_affairs

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  1. bobspongr
    Version: v.1804_global_affairs
    great mod