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Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) 2.8.6

Tech tree changes, naval movement increased, aiming for historical "accuracy"

  1. 2.8.6 changes

    2.8.6 Changes:

    Population required for every additional specialty district is reduced by 1. So a city can build another district at pop 3, 5, 7, 9 and so on. (was every 3 pop in base game).

    With 2.8, eras are longer than in the base game and getting stuck for a long time in a dark age can really suck, therefore:
    Citizen pressure (loyalty) for golden and heroic ages reduced to 1.25 (was 1.5)
    Pressure from dark age increased to 0.75 (was 0.5).

  2. Fixing some glaring problems

    2.8.5 changes

    Fixed: Farms on Bananas, Mines and Quarries on Woods/Rainforest and similar improvement situations should now get the correct yields.
    Fixed: Submarines dealing minimal damage vs embarked units.
    Fixed: Recon promotion combat bonuses should now preview correctly.
    Fixed: Text for Aqueduct, Bath, Military Engineer, Builder etc.

    Farms receive +1 Food for every 3 adjacent Marsh tiles.
    Plots with Bananas no longer get bonus food from Farm.
    Embarked strength for...
  3. Several changes since 2.8:

    2.8.4 changes:
    Fixed: Slingers didn't get bonus from Iron Working.
    Fixed: Text for Great Library.
    Healing from promotions reduced to 30 (was 50).
    City garrison healing reduced to 25 (was 50 in 2.8.3 and 20 in base game).
    Compatibility with JNR's "Stone rocks!" and probably compatibility with a lot of other mods is now implemented! Please report any incompatibility issues.

    2.8.3 changes:
    Spies should...
  4. Small fixes

    Slingers now gain +1 range when standing on hills (like other units without base sight range 2).

    Fixed a bug where Rice on Marsh would suddenly gain +2 food whenever you acquired such a tile for one of your cities.
  5. Update - including add-on for Steel & Thunder Unit Expansion

    v.2.8 LOG

    This is one of the biggest updates yet. A lot of changes have been made in a lot of different areas. A bunch of inconsistencies and other issues have been dealt with. Keeping an exact log of all the changes is simply too time consuming, but a few tidbits are written below.

    Also, in the zip-file I've included an add-on that integrates the units from Steel & Thunder Unit Expansion by Deliverator.

    -- TECH...
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  6. Fix for naval attrition


    Fixed the problem that Naval units couldn't heal.
    Traders no longer take damage on water tiles.
    The boost for Foreign trade should now be researching Sailing, as described.
    Removed some unnecessary Prerequisite Techs in the tech tree.
    Removed XP hotfix code, since it's been patched now.
    Updated text for Coastal Raiding ability.
    Added text for Trader protection ability.
    Updated text for Bireme's trader protection ability.
    Fixed some other text...
  7. Post September Patch Update

    The new patch didn't break the mod but I made some minor corrections and text editing.


    Updated text for Farms
    Updated text for Camp
    Updated text for Lighthouse
    Updated text for Synthetic Materials tech
    Updated text for Colonialism civic
    Updated text for Feudalism civic
    Updated text for Maori trait
    Updated text for Shipyard
    Updated text for Military Engineer
    Updated text for Supply Convoy
    Updated text for Drone
    Updated text for City-Center
  8. Big Update!

    2.7.1 CHANGES:

    Not being able to build a Plantation on Floodplains with Cotton.
    Not being able to build a Plantation on Floodplains with Sugar.

    2.7 CHANGES:

    Game should no longer fail to start without Real Strategy mod.
    Environmentalism now works as intended (was Rapid Deployment).
    Military Engineer text corrected, including the buildings that can be boosted.
    Marshes should no longer receive double the benefit from adjacent...
  9. Annoying text error fixed

    2.6.1 CHANGES:

    Iron Working said Archers get "+3" Ranged Strength, but it's now corrected to "+2".

  10. Lots of changes!


    Descriptions for Caravel, Frigate and Privateer now show correct movement adjustment for Coast/Lake terrain.
    Description for Machu Picchu updated to reflect earlier changes.
    Pastures no longer give food to adjcent Districts.
    Farm bonus from River is now accomplished via the adjacencies system, rather than Modifiers. This could help the A.I. realise the importance of Farms on Rivers.
    Overfishing penalty is now accomplished via the adjacencies system, rather than Modifiers. This could...