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  1. Adamiy

    Map of France V 1.1

    Map of France (and surroundings) made mannually from an empty canvas Discover Gaul in all its splendor All Based : - Mountain - Cliffs - Ressources - Rivers - Dimensions - Forests - Swamps - Regions (by continent) - Start Position - Features - Lakes - Land - ... Updates will come to make...
  2. Prestimus

    Is there a mod that replaces real civilizations and elements by fictional ones?

    Although Civilization is based on real history and functions as a relatively accurate simulation of human society in most aspects, something that pisses me off about it is the fact that real-world civilizations are made into "battle-royale" teams on a map, e.g., you can have America start as an...
  3. UncivilizedGuy

    Alternate Civics Tree 1.0

    Civics tree progress is now connected to tech tree progress. No more runaway progress on the civics tree. One of my biggest complaints about Civ VI is the disconnect between Civics and Techs. Social policies and civics are linked to technological progress in the real world. This mod aims to fix...
  4. Knasp

    [GS] Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) - [DISCONTINUED]

    STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: Agricultural Revolution Expanded UPDATE: DISCONTINUED! I'm no longer developing this mod and compatibilitty with Frontier Pass is dubious! If you want to take the code and use it for your own mod, feel free! But remember to mention me and the people who's work I've used, in...
  5. Knasp

    Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) - [DISCONTINUED] 2.8.7

    STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) A mod for all who enjoy more historical accuracy or historical resemblence for their Civilization experience. Basically this mod is a collection of fixes for annoyances and nitpicks, a revision of the entire tech tree and various...
  6. B

    [GS] IDEA: Autonomy and Realism Mod Package

    This is a long post, and as my first post to these forums, perhaps I'm biting off more than I can chew. Regardless, I hope that my ideas are worth sharing and it sparks interest in a few of you! Introduction There are many things I enjoy immensely about Civilization VI, but there’s also a few...
  7. UncivilizedGuy

    Strategic Industry - Gathering Storm 2019-02-24

    The goal of this mod is to add a greater sense of realism to unit production. Finally in Gathering Storm multiple resources can be utilized by units. Features Copper is now a strategic resource. It's used for Bronze Age units, cannons, and modern ammo. Nearly all units including uniques have...
  8. UncivilizedGuy

    [BNW] Saga Of Man 2

    This thread is about the development of my newest project, Saga of Man 2. My original mod is available on Steam. For download information and details of my original creation please go here: Saga Of Man original creation !!!!!Newest Alpha version (3 Oct 22) download>>>>>>>>>>>> Newest Alpha...
  9. Greywulf

    Weapon trading.

    Throughout earth's history, weapon trading has always been significant, and has altered things on a grand scale. Here's what I have in mind for the game: If a player researched Gunpowder, this allows him to build the Musketman unit, and has a stock of Niter resources. That player is in contact...
  10. Gueux

    [R&F] Loyalty++

    Gueux submitted a new resource: Loyalty++ - adds several changes to loyalty: Read more about this resource...
  11. H

    [Vanilla] De-cartoonizing mods please!

    Greetings, I am seeking a mod(s) that does at least 2 things: 1. Remove and replace the ugly cartoon caricature diplomacy cutscenes and leader avatars with historical paintings and photographs. 2. Remove the ridiculous builder animations. I'm not fond of the build animation but it wasn't...
  12. Ewok-Bacon-Bits

    Military Doctrines / Promotion System Rework 1.703

    This mod revamps the promotion/experience system to be both more meaningful and more realistic. Steam Link I recommend using this with CQUI if you are not already as the Launch Bar uses code from there for compatibility reasons. How Doctrines Work * Units automatically receive strength...
  13. R0ltanks

    Research/Culturural Reduction based on continent

    As y'all know not every civilization or groups of ppl evolved scientifically or culturally equally throughout history. I have always felt this to be an immersion issue that kinda bogged the civ games for me and my suggestion for a solution would be to have a sort of randomized buff (positive or...
  14. R

    YnAMP sub-project: True location corresponding city names

    Does the following sound familiar to you? You play one of YnAMP real world maps and then found your second city of Hamburg just to be automatically named it "Munich". So you open up the city screen and change the name yourself. And then, you found an other city somewhere inlands, but you're not...
  15. cromcrom

    Rigale 1.1

    Rigale is the beginning of a randomized and "realistic" major mod, with emphasis on early, "gritty" gameplay. V1.0 - Reduce LoS of many basic "foot" units - Decrease Scout cost and combat. V1.1 - Added roaming tribe unit (can build city, can build improvements (2), can fight) - Added 4 new techs...
  16. thaishmafia

    Civilization 6 Realism Overhaul MOD(NOT RELEASED YET)

    Description: We all know that most mainstream games are designed to be fun, somewhat challenging for the normal player yet partially realistic and the Civilization series is no exception to that rule. From my play perspective, I like to play realistic games regardless of the challenge level and...
  17. Svn Can't See The Screen Menu

    Svn Can't See The Screen Menu

    Here's a bug i've got after installing RI mod with SVN Turtoise, any clue ?
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