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AI+ v12.1

AI Improvements for Civ VI

  1. Siesta Guru
    Update: Now compatible with Rise & Fall

    Hi, this mod will be an ongoing project that attempts to make the Civ VI AI more competitive.

    During this project I'll try to maintain the following points as a design philosophy:
    - Stick entirely to changes that only impact the AI without impacting the larger game.
    - No changes to the AI difficulty bonuses
    - Improve the AI's ability to win without using cheesy strategies that reduce game enjoyment, such as all players declaring war on the player the moment they meet him.
    - Maintain and improve upon the 'flavor' of the AI through distinct personalities and playstyles.


    - The ability of the AI to wage aggressive wars. They will get more troops in faster and will use them more effectively. It won't be as distracted by enemy units, will not retreat as fast, will stick more to clustered formations and will be significantly less likely to stare your city down. It will also keep the pressure up throughout the entire game, with it now capable of capturing lategame walled cities. Occasionally you'll see a civilization completely take over another.
    - Settle behavior, it now settles more appropriate locations at faster rates.
    - Tuning on the AI's production choices. With extra changes based on whether it's at war, or under siege. Whether it has a religion, what difficulty setting we're on, etc. Overall you should see the AI develop larger, better cities, without neglecting their military.
    - Leaders now have more distinct personalities when it comes to district/building/unit/etc choices.
    - Many other small improvements.


    There's unfortunately a few strong limitations on this work. The worst is of course that we have no access to the game code, so most of what I can do is working within the system that Firaxis designed. This offers some flexibility, but there's many areas I just can't touch at all like many of the finer details of combat behavior, policy choices, repairing improvements, unit upgrading, agenda logic and much of the diplomatic system.
    On top of that, testing changes out takes extremely long, so changes will be slow.
    Any feedback on AI behavior and balance both with and without this mod is greatly appreciated. Especially when it comes to the later eras, slower gamespeeds, water maps and difficulties below prince.

    At this point, the AI feel will definitely feel more solid than that in the base game, but still comes nowhere close to being on the level of actual players. I'd say it's now on a level similar or slightly higher than the unmodded Civ V AI, with different weaknesses and strengths. However, since the AI bonuses are much lower in Civ VI, the game will probably still feel easier.

    (The exact values and tweaks are way too numerous to name here and can be found in the files)

    Spoiler :

    Version 12:
    - Made fully compatible with the expansion (and it should still work if you don't have it)
    - Added unique behavior (build preferences etc.) to all the expansion and DLC leaders
    - Deepened the uniqueness of unique behavior, militaristic civs are now more likely to attack, industrial civs will now prioritize techs like apprenticeship, etc.
    - Reduced early city state rushes somewhat through making city states build more units early
    - Tuned aggression a little. Average aggression should be about the same as in vanilla, but there should be some more focused aggression (when a civ feels strong, militaristic civs, more lategame wars, higher difficulty levels)
    - Reduced late game settling somewhat
    - Made some changes that hopefully reduce civs eagerness to make peace
    - Removed some a change that made units less careful, as it's no longer needed for the AI to conquer cities.
    - Slightly changed what civs prioritize econ wise due to changed balance

    Version 11:
    - Summer patch fixes, mostly expansion and war behavior related

    Version 10:
    - Made compatible with the Australia patch, including the new aircraft behavior
    - Removed all game changing effects as they weren't necessary anymore
    - Removed some settling behavior tweaks that were now decreasing performance
    - Some parameter tuning, among which increased aircraft and campus desires

    Version 9:
    - Significantly increased AI ability to take both unwalled and walled cities through the following changes:
    - They get much less distracted by enemy units and don't run all over your territory
    - They won't retreat nearly as fast
    - They'll now usually bring the correct siege weapons necessary
    - Fixed a bug that made it very unlikely for late-game city attack operations to start.
    - These changes mean civs will now occasionally end up completely taking over entire other civs and can sometimes take lategame cities.
    - Changed some problems with low settle-speed in v8
    - Reverted the change that allowed barbarian scouts to take civilians as it was affecting AIs way too much
    - Further rebalancing on building priorities etc.
    - Made it so they end up slightly friendlier overall (without decrease in wars, just slightly more green faces)
    - Made fully compatible with the winter patch

    Version 8:
    - Large changes to how production desires work after realizing a flaw in earlier versions. This'll make the AI adjust to some aspects like war/peace much better.
    - More districts and better early game religion rush compared to previous versions
    - Amount of cities settled made more appropriate, especially for prince and below
    - AI less likely to retreat its combat units
    - Solved some issues with settler behavior, resulting in faster settling
    - Made some minor alterations to late game city strength and barbarian spawn rates, as AI was affected extremely hard by this. If you're not a fan, delete the contents of gamechanges.xml

    Version 7:
    - Split faith and great prophet desires in three categories. Having a religion, being able to get a religion, and not being able to get a religion. The desire for it while in a religion is comparable to the base game, while the desire without a religion is significantly lower.
    - Additionally altered faith desires on a per-leader basis
    - Improved desire for districts back up to normal levels
    - City States can now build districts other than their respective type
    - Minor improvements to settler escorting (it'll still be bad)
    - Settler production rates made more appropriate for standard speed, rather than quick.
    - Tweaks to willingness to declare war on city states (they're now less likely to declare war in city states they are influential with)

    Version 6:
    - Fixed the 'no theatre districts' issue
    - Small fixes/tweaking improvements

    Version 5:
    - Better terrain improvement
    - More trade routes
    - Reintroduced long distance strikes for civs on islands. (land-unit based)
    - Added new 'expansionist' civs (England, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Scythia) on top of the vanilla Rome.
    - Added Brazil and England to cultural civs (on top of the vanilla: France, Greece (both leaders), Kongo, America)
    - Added Sumeria to the scientific civs (see older changes)
    - Added Spain to the militaristic civs
    - Added France as a wonderbuilder (next to vanilla China)
    - Most of these archetypes are still only light changes right now, but will become more pronounced when I get a good feel of them.

    Version 4:
    - Made Settlers less indecisive, so that they'll settle down earlier
    - Improvements to behavior while under attack, both tactical and through building choices
    - Fixed some settlespot evaluation problems (forests and resources were considered too desirable)
    - Increased desire for improvements and farms.
    - The AI now no longer engages in very long distance wars.

    Version 3:
    - Hotfixed AI settlers not settling

    Version 2:
    - Improved AI's military offensive capabilities by a lot. It should send bigger troops faster, spend less time doing nothing, will be less scared and will feel overall more dangerous.
    - Lots of finetuning in production choices. There should be a better balance between troops/districts/builders/etc
    - A small start on individualization of civs. Some are now marked as militaristic (Sumeria, Gorgo, Norway, Scythia, Rome, Germany) and some as scientific (Germany, Japan, Arabia, America, Russia), and will prioritize these areas somewhat.
    - Tech choices system improved slightly. It used to beeline towards techs that really weren't all that beeline worthy (like bee-lining for castles, without then actually rushing Alhambra)
    - Minor alterations of preferences between different difficulty levels. On deity/immortal AI's have more time for wonders for example, while below king, AI's should limit their settling a little.
    - Small improvements on settling behavior (higher preference towards settling on fresh water)
    - Less siege weapons for city states
    - Incorporated some of the more essential changes made by Delnar Ersike

    Version 1:
    - Big changes to settle behaviour. You'll find the AI will settle more appropriate cities in more competitive amounts.
    - Overall improvements to building and district prioritization.
    - Larger differences in building behaviour between war and peace. Less settlers/wonders at war!
    - Small improvements in the AI's ability to wage an aggressive war.
    - Instantly breaking the first design philosophy point, the war penalties have been made flatter so that the AI actually declares war sometimes in later eras.
    - More warlike behaviour if the AI thinks it is strong.

    Other mods and compatibility

    Please note that this mod can end up behaving badly with other mods that impact the AI, and mods that impact some game aspects like production costs. In most cases though it'll cause small problems at most.
    This mod already includes some of the more important fixes made by Delnar Ersike in Delnar's AI Cleanup and I would for now not recommend running them together.

    Some mods that you may find worth considering that can help make the game more difficult as they help the AI play a little better:
    - Smoother difficulty by RushSecond
    - Strategic Resource and Tech Tree Rebalance Mod by Novemberisms
    - AI Siege Help by Gort
    - Quo's Rocketboots by isau

    Install instructions:

    Make sure you have at least the Australia patch installed (older versions won't work), then download the mod here, or get it through steam at:

    To install without steam, unpack the file into:
    My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods
    (So that it now contains the folder AI+)
    Then launch the game, select Additional Content and enable AI+. The next time you launch your game this mod will be loaded. I wouldn't recommend loading old games if you install or update this, it can cause crashes.

    To update from an old version, make sure to close the game completely first, and then disable/enable AI+ again after replacing the files.

Recent Updates

  1. v12.1
  2. Compatability patch with Rise&Fall + more
  3. AI+ v11.1
  4. v11 - Summer patch fixes
  5. v10 - Minor fix
  6. v10 - Compatibility patch for the Australia Patch
  7. v9
  8. V8
  9. v7
  10. v7

Recent Reviews

  1. Jarle Mjaaland
    Jarle Mjaaland
    Version: v12.1
    It is a good mod, but there is at least one major issue. The AI is aggressive, but for some reason, instead of defending against my attacks, they attack nearby city states instead, using all their forces to attack instead of defend. That is not good at all.
  2. Isengard Hobbit
    Isengard Hobbit
    Version: v11.1
    I generally liked the behaviour of the AI with this mod, but there are some notorious issues that come to mind. For example the AI won't explore overseas. I found myself finding a lot of Tribal Villages in the late game. Other thing that bothered me was that the AI will declare you some nonsense wars but this perhaps has to be related to the latest patch. Is a good mod but definitely needs more work.

    For the record i was playing a standard map size, immortal difficulty.
  3. Hitesh12
    Version: v10
    A must have mod for Civ VI !
  4. Shadenaut
    Version: v10
    AI begins doing some interesting stuff like beelining towards units he has resources for. However it still gets an instant brainfreeze on anything but big flat map. I wonder if this mod would ever fix that issue and make AI more of an expansive bastard on watery maps.
  5. Jimington McJim
    Jimington McJim
    Version: v9
    Really great mod. I've played a few games on King / Emp using this mod (along with a couple of others) and the AI is noticeably better in every way. Great work. Take note devs, this is how you do it.
  6. adajaga
    Version: v9
    Must have to play without clueless AI.

    It it possible to make AIs start districts as soon as they are available (from pop size) to lock in district costs? Common tactic that would save them a lot of production.
  7. Ferocitus
    Version: v9
    Great effort so far. I've only tested it with ludicrous size GEM Ynaemp at marathon pace, but they work well together.
  8. Ashreon
    Version: v9
    Makes the AI exceptionally agressive and improves a lot upon its decision making which is the intent!

    You may want to modify the core file a bit to include Entertainment Districts to favoured buildings (or suffer the wrath of amenity) as well as bump up the minimum distance between cities to 4-5 in global parameters (main directory),
  9. ggalindo001
    Version: v9
    An absolute must with the current version of C6. Brings the AI up to at least the level of Civ5, which is a miracle. Well done and highly recommended.
  10. Bleser
    Version: v9
    I tried this mod when it was v6 and saw potential but not quite good enough yet. I tried again with v9 and it has completely transformed the game. I had to drop down difficulty and AIs take over other AIs now. Amazing work. Hopefully future official patches take some lessons from this work. Great job!