AI+ v13.1

AI Improvements for Civ VI

  1. v13.1

    Siesta Guru
    Fixed compatibility with Vanilla + Rise&Fall
    Fixed the 5 gold gifts bug
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  2. v13.01

    Siesta Guru
    Marked Compatible with Gathering Storm
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  3. v13.0

    Siesta Guru
    Updated for Gathering Storm, small balancing changes
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  4. v12.1

    Siesta Guru
    - Small increase in campus/ commercial/harbor district desires
    - Small reduction in unit production
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  5. Compatability patch with Rise&Fall + more

    Siesta Guru
    - Made fully compatible with the expansion (and it should still work if you don't have it)
    - Added unique behavior (build preferences etc.) to all the expansion and DLC leaders
    - Deepened the uniqueness of unique behavior, militaristic civs are now more likely to attack, industrial civs will now prioritize techs like apprenticeship, etc.
    - Reduced early city state rushes somewhat through making city states build more units early
    - Tuned aggression a little. Average aggression should be...
  6. AI+ v11.1

    Siesta Guru
    - Fixed settling behavior on water maps for difficulties below emperor
  7. v11 - Summer patch fixes

    Siesta Guru
    - Summer patch related fixes to expansion and warlike behavior
  8. v10 - Minor fix

    Siesta Guru
    - Fixed debug names showing up
  9. v10 - Compatibility patch for the Australia Patch

    Siesta Guru
    Changes are:

    - Made compatible with the Australia patch, including the new aircraft behavior
    - Removed all game changing effects as they weren't necessary anymore
    - Removed some settling behavior tweaks that were now decreasing performance
    - Some parameter tuning, among which increased aircraft and campus desires.
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  10. v9

    Siesta Guru
    - Significantly increased AI ability to take both unwalled and walled cities through the following changes:
    - They get much less distracted by enemy units and don't run all over your territory
    - They won't retreat nearly as fast
    - They'll now usually bring the correct siege weapons necessary
    - Fixed a bug that made it very unlikely for late-game city attack operations to start.
    - These changes mean civs will now occasionally end up completely taking over entire other civs and can sometimes...