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Ancient Mysteries National Wonder 2016-10-05

Ancient Mysteries National Wonder

  1. OrionVeteran
    Introducing the Ancient Mysteries National Wonder. The reward for building this wonder is totally unique like no other in the history of Civ4. You get to select a new leaderhead trait! This mod uses the new setHasTrait function in Python to allow the player to choose a trait from a selection list of available traits the player does not have. This capability to add or remove traits should have been available in Civ4 from the beginning. At last, we finally have it.

    Special Thanks to God-Emperor and Tholal for the SDK code that makes adding a new trait possible.


    1. ancientmysteries_wI3.jpg
    2. selecttrait_lS5.jpg
    3. newtrait_5vl.jpg